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I received a Gift Certificate from my daughter in 2010 for Massage Envy. I was able to use it for a couple years. Over the years I would think, I need to use that Gift I would call a local Massage Envy location to see if it was still good. I was told several times that it would be good forever. There is no expiration date.
I was going to be in Fremont on March 3rd so I had called ahead on February 23rd to make an appointment for me and my daughter on the 3rd at 12p. At the time I mentioned that I had a gift certificate and they asked for the number on the back by the scan...I gave it to them and the appointment was made.
After the massage I gave them the gift certificate and the manager said it was used and no longer good. I was very upset...she said that it had been purchased in January 2010 and used in February 2010...but it hadn't been as my BD was in March and my daughter purchased it and she said it was the only time she was in the spa...I paid for my massage...$65 left a tip for Gia $20 and left. She called later to tell me that the receptionist was wrong in that she should have asked when I checked in to see the gift certificate. I had forgotten to tell her that the receptionist that I had scheduled the apt with did ask and did not say it was no longer valid. I am very upset as this was a BD gift and it was never used and they scammed me...I would like a refund and not for another massage...I will never go back. I generally have massages four times a year but never again will I try Massage Envy

Mar 07, 2017

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