Massage Envy / fraudlent billing

Too long to write here. I travel a great deal. Built up a backlog of massages (15 or 16). Put membership on hold. Once you do, it is almost impossible to book a massage. You have to reactivate membership, and pay at least one additional month before they will even speak with you. Many times they took my account off hold and started auto billing me again. Even though these massages were paid in advance I could not gift them to anyone. This has happened multiple times. The only thing that ended this is that my credit card expired, but now they call me on the phone for a new credit card number, despite my protests that I will never ever give them access to my accounts. Once i bought a gift certificate for a friend (ironic that I had a dozen massages on the books but I have to purchase a gift card). When my friend was finished they charged her another $55 because she had made one guest visit previously. I was not informed of this when I bought the certificate. The therapists who work there have nothing but bitter complaints about how its managed. They even have to buy their own supplies as Massage Envy never has enough in stock.

I heard there was a class action suit against these scammers. Count me in whomever is handling this.


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