Massage Envy / customer service at the palmdale, ca site

I have been calling for several weeks to request that my account be frozen. I have some financial hardships and have 6 unused massages, so I requested that my account hold off on dedications for the next six months.
Last weekend I was told I would get a form via email to complete and that they would stop withdrawing in my account, so I checked all week and saw nothing. I called again and indicated I never got the form. At this point the young lady told me they didn't have my email account!!! Go figure, I have had the account for 3 years so how could they not have my email?
The young lady last week told me I could freeze the account for a cost of $10 per month for the duration of 6 months. When I called today, I was told that now it is $20.
I called again and asked to speak to a manager and was told she would arrive at 12:30 p.m. They would give her the message and she would call me. I waited until 2:40 p.m. And called again. This time it went to voicemail!
I have asked on several occasions to speak to the owner and have been reminded I can only speak to a manager. UGH!
I am so frustrated and so disappointed with this company.
I am getting ready to go online and tell all the awful things they have done to me during the past three years and now this is the worst!

Jul 28, 2018

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