Mashreq Bankcredit card - epp

This is regarding a recent transaction on my credit card which i wanted to convert to EPP. I called up Msq bank twice on 29th April, once i was told the person responsible had stepped out for lunch and will return my call and the next time i was told the person had left and will definitely return my call next day. The call was not returned. I called up [protected] on 30th April and was treated very rudely by the CC lady (Naazish). She did not even understand my request. After getting irritated and cutting the line she called me again on my landline to lecture me about how i should conduct myself on the call...OMG... My problem was solved cause i guess Ms Naazish knew i would complain. It is imperative that a bank like Mashreq invests more in employees who understand customers rather then be rude to them cause maybe English is not their primary language. I am very hurt with this behaviour and will recommend to all my friends and relatives that they dont bank with Mashreq. I am having second thoughts myself.

Parag V

Apr 30, 2017

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