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Maruti Udyog Limited / delayed delivery and extortion

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A copy of email to Maruti Udyog Limited:

Dear Mr Khattar,

I had booked a Maruti Zen Estilo (Champaigne Beige) on 21st December 2006 and had paid a total of Rs 2,96,329/- (Rs 46,329/- by personal cheque and Rs 2,50,000/- by cheque from my Finance Company - State Bank of India, Main Branch, Pondicherry) at the time of booking. The balance amount was to be paid on delivery of the vehicle.

A waiting period of about 3 to 4 weeks was told to me at booking (which, if it was not possible, looking at the response to the launch of the vehicle should not have been promised at the time of booking) furthermore I was told that if I paid a larger sum at the time of booking I would be delivered the vehicle earlier. When it seemed to me after 4 weeks that there was no sign of the vehicle being delivered I started making calls to the dealership initially to Mr Swamy (Manager Administration) and later to Mr Zyed Rizwan (Manager Sales) but to no avail and used to get very curt replies (to note all calls were made by me and none by dealership). Then I called the Regional Office, Chennai and the Territory Sales Manager took some steps to make delivery possible earlier than later. The vehicle was finally delivered to me on the 5th March 2007 after a total of over 10 weeks!

In the meanwhile prices on all Maruti vehicles were increased from the 1st of February. Since I had booked the vehicle 6 weeks prior to the price hike I asked Mr Rizwan that I be given the vehicle at the booked price because if the vehicle had been delivered as promised in 3-4 weeks I would not have needed to pay the increased price. He refused and later after I spoke to the Regional Office about my case they agreed and further spoke to Mr Rizwan and asked him to deliver the vehicle to me at the booked price.

On being informed that the vehicle had come I went to make the balance payment when I was told that if I was to get the vehicle at the earlier price then I would need to forfeit the “free” basic accessories that was promised to me a the time of booking (Please look up the commitment checklist) and that the bank interest (for 10 weeks @ 3.5%) on the sum paid at advance would also not be given to me!! I had to create a scene to get what had been committed at the time of booking. If given an option to Mr Rizwan, he would have stripped me of my clothes and I guess I would have walked out naked of the dealership that evening. Finally I had to forgo the interest and was given the “free” basic accessories that had been promised at the time of booking. So much for the "commitment"!

After all this happened I regretted the fact that I had opted for a Maruti vehicle and probably the other companies would have treated me better but it was too late. As far as “My Deal” (Dealer Feedback Form) goes with Vasanthi Automobiles, Pondicherry, I found myself cheated both monetarily and of the respect that a consumer should have. Till the time money was paid for booking many promises were made “Sir, we will try and get your vehicle within the first 15 days of January….” the customer was KING, but once the advance was paid and the customer “trapped” who cares. Later on, thinking about why your sales manager etc behave the way they have is probably because you are the only dealers in Pondicherry and the customer has nowhere else to go.

I would like to mention here a special word for Mr Arokiaraj who was the sales executive dealing with me I found him to be a caring and genuinely concerned representative. What probably impressed me was his sincerity.

I had found out the details of Consumer Redressal Forum at Pondicherry for this issue and would have gone to the consumer court as I faced numerous difficulties in the intervening period with my pregnant wife refusing to ride on the scooter with me and the numerous phone calls made to your dealership to the Regional Office etc. the agony though which I have gone though probably I would only know. Later I forgave you and let it pass and am writing this with the hope that you would improve. May be someone else would not be as kind.

I am not writing this letter with any personal gain in mind but to let you know about the chain of events and with the hope that your dealership would improve itself and not give false promises and trap customers . If this is what you are doing to an educated customer God help the others. May be you would ignore this letter without looking into the system and making the necessary changes if required but at least I would sleep in peace thinking that I have done my job.

Hoping that, unlike me who would never recommend your dealership (Vasanthi Automobiles, Pondicherry) to anyone, you would develop customers who would never think of leaving you and would be brand loyal to MUL just because they are treated in a professional manner.

Mr Jagdish Khattar concerned authority please reply, am i asking too much?

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  • Ni
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    It seems maruti does not want take cognizance of the customers complaint. Is it a time to initiate criminal proceedings against Mr. Jagdish Khattar and other directors.

    Every day media wants special news to sell their paper. I think this news of initiating criminal proceedings against Maruti Udyog Limited would be the best and different.

    Kindly treat this legal notice with seriousness it deserves.

  • Ra
      18th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have booked my swift ldi from d.d. motors wazirpur. They give me 30 -45 days time but my friend booked same car from rana motors bikaji kama palace, they are ready to deliver the vehicle within 10 days. If they really deliver the vehicle within 10 days, how it is possible?

  • Ra
      13th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    H,i it was same in my case too. I booked a swift vdi on 28 april from ABT motors Guindy with a assurance stating that they will deliver the car with in 30 working days but now the sales executive who booked my car left the job. Now they r telling that it will take more 3 months to get the car delivered to me. Stating that the maruti udyog has told the dealers not to give commitment of the delivery day. With the assurance given by the sale exact i have applied for the spl number and got it. The order for the number is valid for 2 months only. What can i do now. All waste!!!

  • Ga
      13th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I faced same trouble with new Maruti Dealer in Meerut, 'Raj Sneh'. I booked Swift vDi and they delivered the car after lots of follow ups and escalations. (15 days after the promised delivery time) Staff is very very careless, irresponsible and not co-operative at all. They will see your number and then they will not pick up the phone. Dealer did Tefflon Coating and anti-trust treatment of Rs. 5750 without taking my permission and said that it happened just because of internal miscommunication. When I refused to pay for this, they offered me 50% discount on Teflon Coating otherwise I will have to wait for another 1 month. :-(

    If anyone who is going to buy car from RajSneh, please be advised, prefer Rohan Motors. My previous car was from Rohan Gzb, they offer really good service.

  • Il
      28th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    am still waiting...this a ma 6th week for my beige lxi..the same vasanthi auto mobile from pondicherry

  • An
      6th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    When you say that you regretted having opted for Maruti, just search this same forum for complaints on any other company. you can see that complaints about Maruti are very less serious than on any other company like Hyundai!!! I am a user of a Maruti car for the past 10 years, and I am perfectly happy with their service.

  • Su
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    I have booked one Maruti SX4, VXI model car with the authorised dealer, M/S Premsons Motor Udyog Pvt. Ltd., Ranchi on 21.01.2008 and made an advance payment of rupees 75,000/-as demanded and a receipt was issued on 23.01.2008. At the time of booking I was assured that the vehicle will be delivered within 8days but till date the vehicle has not been delivered. The Dealer is not giving any satisfactory reply. On their assurance, I have already sold off my old car. I am a lawyer by proffession and without a car is facing great difficulty. The dealer inspite of assurance is not providing me with any spare car.

  • Am
      23rd of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    He's abso. alrite ...
    cauz same has happend with me...

  • Ra
      11th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    As Maruti is growing, attitude of the company is getting very bad towards the customers. Pathetic Service from the delaers & breaking the committment seems to be the major contributors towards customer dissatisfaction.

  • Jo
      24th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I booed Swift VDi on 31/05/2008 at kottayam with INDUS Motors kottayam, and they assured me that they will deliver the vehicle with in 45 days. now it is 2 months over, when i enquired thay said it will take another 2 months to deliver the car.

    while enquiring I found that the Manager and staffs are selling the cars to some other people by taking 15000 to 25000 extra and end of the month Manager to Executives are sharing this money.

    If you don't pay extra money thae woun't give the car.
    I am cancelling the booking.

    If any one know where I need to which is site address of maruthi where we can post the complient.

    please contact me at

  • To
      10th of Mar, 2009
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    Yes Mr. John, Your 100% correct. Vasanthi Automobiles, Pondicherry is a fraud dealer. I'm also facing the same issue. Still i didn't get my money back. I've approched maruthi head office chennai so many time. Nothing has changed. I think chennai branch manager also have tie up with this fraud dealer.

    Please don't go for Vasanthi automobile, pondicherry for any service.

    He's 100% Moth...ker.

  • Ha
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    i had booked maruti ritz lxi (silky silver) on 26-07-09. a call made to me on 27-07-09 regarding availability of car in transit advising to me for further formalities regarding financial arrangement (loan through bank). At present SBI had financed me for car now the dealer ROHAN MOTORS DEHRADUN says that your car is in the way whenever we get any information will be forward to you. now pls explain me about the actual status of my booking.

  • Ra
      24th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Very true, its very clear that maruti is no more customer caring. once you book your car then you realize neither dealer nor maruti company cares...

    You have to raise your voice, fight with dealer or direct company for faster resolution.
    I think in civil courts there should be a separate dept for maruti vows. most of the customers had tasted bitter fruit.

    I got car after 40 days from booking, asked for reason, received some cunfused statements...

    Its time to switch for other brands...
    Rajesh Patel

  • Ri
      8th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    @Dr Joseph John Maruti follows the ideology of serving the customers better and in a fair way . Your problem is passed on to Maruti team. Need details on your issue.. do drop a mail to

  • De
      14th of Jan, 2010
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    Very sorry to write this mail to you. After a long harassment both physically and mentally by your dealer at nagpur as well as by the Area Sales Manager Mr. Goyal along with Mr. Patted the area service manager. Even a wrong feed back of the dealer is relied and a genuine complaint of the customer is ignored. It seems that now days the maruti is runned by the employees or it would be better to say that the employee of Maruti are the owners of the company.
    My car new estilo Lxi Model [ White] Was purchased from ARYA CARS NAGPUR. On 25-11-2009. The car was send to the dealer for first servicing on 30-12-2009.The car was absolutely in fine conditions when given for servicing. When we received the car the condition was totally different. There was noise in the engine, problem in the suspension, the mud flab where not screwed, the RPM of the car was 1080, the tyre pressure was more then required. The accessory mobile charger was broken. It was a complete shock to us. The very next My brother took the vehicle to the dealer to get the things corrected but it was again a mistake fro our side that we took our car to the same dealer again. In the presences of my brother the car being inspected by Six person but they where unable to do needful as there body language clearly stated that they are helpless. My car was for 4 hours in there hand finally my brother loosed her patience brought the car. The very next day we took our vehicle to Shreejee Garage an authorized service provider for maruti and all my cars go to the same gurage for last couple of decades. There it was found that the mounting of the engine where loosened they rectified it. Still there was some problems with the car. The garage person said we rectified what ever is in our hand rest need to be taken by the dealer to safeguard the warranty of the vehicle. Than we gave complaint on 18001800180. where we found that the dealer gave a wrong report that they visited my residence rectified the faults and the car is under observation till 6 jan.2010. which ridiculous. Then Mr. Patted the area service manager called us when I and brother visited your area office Mr.Patted listened to us purposely called Mr. Goyal The area sales manager and both of them stated blaming us why we gave car at Arya we should give it to Seva as it is close by. We are non-technical persons hence cannot blame the delear and when we stopped them from such type of conversation both of them said get out of our office don’t waste our time and don’t disturb the decorum of the office.
    My question is it the standard of Maruti for customer? For last 15 years I am driving a Maruti car hence being a maruti car lover is a crime? Do you think that a customer is idiot to complaint about a new car after months tome?
    Now after repeated follow up we could talk to Mr. Kumar Prashant at Gurgaon. He assured me that my car will be replaced if we are not satisfied but please send the car to Seva to give us one chance. then my car went to Seva on 8 Jan 2010 where it was found that suspension nuts where loosened, the RPM was 1080, The tyre pressure was more. They did what they felt was ok. Now on trial we found that the problem was solved upto 60 % only. Still there is a noise in the rear side of the car, there are jerks. On complaining about the same Mr. Patted is saying take your car we have done everything needed.
    This is very ridiculous. Now Mr.Patted is safeguarding the dealer and himself hence all the service engineers are saying what Mr.Patted says. Even Mr. Hussain from Automotive visited my place with Mr. Warkis but of no use.
    My question why where the mounting of my car was loosened? Why the suspension nuts where loosened? Why the RPM was 1080? Is it write to open the machinery part without any reason or without the knowledge of the owner? Who purchased the car for me? I or the dealer? Is it the true value for my money spend? Why Mr. Prashant is backing the commitment of replacement?
    I am not satisfied with the service and feedback given to me. My last and final mail to you sir. It is you to decide customer first or your employee and delear? If you are wright please satisfy us by doing the needful or by replacing my car and penaltying the dealer.
    Please revert with solution in next 48 hours or else consumer court would be my last hope to get the justice for my grievances.
    With regards
    Ms. Deepali Agrawal

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