Marriott Internationalsouthfield marriott in detroit, michigan

This is in regards to my stay at the Southfield Marriot. The exact address is 27033 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, Michigan, 48033.

On May 23, around 7 pm I checked into the hotel identified above. Although I had booked a single room, I accepted the double because they said that's what was available. No problem. On Thursday, May 24th, I unknowingly dropped a small particle of bread on the floor. When I awoke from my nap, I was surprised to see several dozen small ants surrounding the food.

Since I needed to got to an affair that evening, on my way out, I stopped by the front desk to report my findings. the young man told me that he would change my room when I returned. Unfortunately, I did not return until 2:30 am and I was much too tired to move then. The next day, I left to attend my affair in the morning. Since I only had one more day, and I was very busy attending my annual affair, when I returned I went straight to my room. I was tired.

Before taking a nap, I sat down and a began to eat. Moments into my meal, I was startled by the ants that had joined me on the bed and had even begun crawling on my person, unbeknownst to me. Freaked out, I hurried downstairs to immediately request a room change which was granted. As I spoke to the young man at the desk, he noticed an ant crawling on me. He soon referred me to the manager who was quite understanding and quickly gave me a new room after pointing to another ant that was crawling on me.

She offered to not charge me for my last night there and also gave me a credit for the meal. I chalked it up to an unusual though unpleasant experience but now I am having a hard time getting my refund back. I called my bank. I even went there. They said the hotel needs to take their money and release the rest. I have checked my bank account and everything before and after has cleared; everything but the money being held onto by Marriot.

I am still horrified by my experience with the ants and I am further irritated because of their lack of sensitivity to this important detail. Release my money now! I will be 1st telling Perfecting about my experience so they can reconsider using your hotels in the future in addition to posting on Social Media. this is outrageous. I called at least 5 times today and I am extremely annoyed at this very bad experience which I was very understanding about initially!

You can't possibly understand that even now I am itchy and always wondering if there are ants on me, biting. Before my experience there, I never thought about this!!! Please release my doggone money now!

Marcia Davis


May 29, 2018

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