Marlboro / menthol black 100s

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Marlboro Menthol black 100s. I have bought 3 packs of these cigs that I have smoked forever. 3 packs, 3 different gas stations, 3 different towns. The cig should say Marlboro in blue. Instead its green and has double lines on it. Maybe a special blend? The paper is also silver instead of black. I'm disgusted. Driving around towns trying to find my cigarette craving! Waste of money! Please fix them! Would love to have a carton of actual Marlboro Menthol black 100s and not this crap!

Feb 10, 2019
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  • Vi
      Feb 14, 2019

    Same here. It's like they stuck Menthol Lights (sorry, Menthol GOLDS) into the Black Menthol packs 😢

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  • De
      Feb 20, 2019

    Yes!! I have been to over 10 different stores and none of them are right and they taste awful! I miss my Marlboro 100 Black Menthols 😭 If this is an attempt to get us all to quit smoking, its very cruel..

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