Marlboro / marlboro menthol carton defect of cigarettes.

Pittsburgh, PA, United States


Recently I purchased a carton of Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes. The strangest thing continued to happen to me as I worked through the carton. In each pack there were multiple cigarettes that were not sealed correctly between the cigarette and the filter. Almost as though the glue was forgone during manufacturing. When the cigarettes fell apart it looks as though the space where the cigarette was suppose to fit into the filter was way too short and couldn't accommodate the cigarette. This was the case throughout the carton. I initially thought the cigarettes just broke at the filter and tossed the first few this happened to. But, as it continued to happen, it became more suspect. Because if the rising cost, I feel this is unacceptable. No one who is a smoker can afford to just throw away a half a pack of cigarettes 10 times over. Please let me know how to remedy this situation. I did take photos of the cigarettes to better enable you to address the manufacture defect.

My contact information is as follows:
Maggy Sears
9 Ashley Lane
New Kensington PA. 15068
[protected] : Cell Phone


May 3, 2017

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