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I have been smoking the lights for last 20 years. In the last few months I noticed that the Marlboro lights burn really fast. I'm lucky to get like 4 puffs and I don't inhale a large amount and the cigarette is burned to the filter. They do not taste the same either and I'm constantly wanting more nicotine. I and others noticed it's been a big change in them. I know other Marlboro smokers are complaining of the same things. Today, I'm stopping I feel like I'm burning up a lot of money for a couple puffs. Too rich for my pocket.

Dec 11, 2018
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  • Ba
      May 27, 2019

    Finally, another smoker of same product confirming my exact same suspicions! 100s cigarette would take exactly 7 mins to smoke/burn (as I would time on my allotted 15 min breaks at work). Now, I’m ‘lucky’ if cigarette lasts 3 mins. Not a doubt that Philip Morris has changed product (unbeknownst to us, the consumer) yet, still commands top dollar for a ‘premium’ cigarette.
    Counting down few packs till I take back control + tell corporate Philip Morris to choke on last profit they made off of me..

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