Marlboro / marlboro black red 100s

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I opened the pack snd immediately thought this is weird blacks dont have lines on them and regular red 100s are the ones with two lines on them, googled to see if they changed the design and apparently this has been a VERY VERY common issue lately. From what i gather the factory must've had a HUGE MIX UP with the two kinds and packaged them wrong. This sucks for real, i do NOT smoke nor LIKE regular reds what so ever, now since i just spent my last bit of money on two packs all i can do is hope and pray the next pack contains the correct cigarettes when i open it because reds give me a headache, don't pack as well as blacks, and do not hit as hard as blacks in my opinion at least.

Jan 31, 2019
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  • Ci
      Feb 01, 2019

    I just bought 2 cartons on payday and both cartons are the same and I told my husband they tasted funny before I even noticed the two gold rings. I kept smoking them cause it’s over $100 that I can’t afford to through out, however they are enough to make me nauseous . I would love to know if this is the new product design and recipe.

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