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Marlboro / did cigarettes

1 Ireland Review updated:

Recently I have been getting more and more dud cigarettes in the Marlboro ice blast packets. It is quite annoying as cigarettes aren't cheap, I do enjoy these cigarettes but not when I'm paying for ones that do not have the ice ball. It can be very frustrating when you are looking forward to what you think will be a nice minty cigarette and it turns out to be a dud.

Feb 13, 2018
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  13th of Feb, 2018
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FBI wanted:

Ara Khachatryan (DOB 11/07/1969), an ISIS agent for Syria operation, an Armenian terrorist, residing in Brooklyn, NY, currently fled from a cold murder case.

Check the ad below in the link and the attached pictures of his shoplifting charges.

If you see than dangerous sick man, age 48, call FBI or 911. Thanks, Patriots.

  19th of Feb, 2018
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A kgb former prostitute, and today, a malicious alcoholic, shoplifter, libeler, naira matevosyan renault is the author of the above-posted slander. naira matevosyan (recently changed her last name to renault to cover her last criminal records) is a stressed mother of an autistic child, an illegal alien, a hooker (usually seduced university professors) and blackmailer of well established guys. her mental instability is significantly progressing and she is a physical threat to many people surrounding her (alongside with her aggressive son).
You can see the pic on that diabolic destitute attached.

  21st of Feb, 2018
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Comes now Marina Noble's elder daughter, Azniv Shahverdyan (DOB 05/01/1990) who worked or works as a data entry assistant in Quintiles, IMc. See her photo below, with her infamous poem dedicated to her terrorist friend Ara Khacharyan (from Brooklyn, NY):

"Me and You" - to my friend Ara Khachatryan, fugitive of law

My fart is in your heart,
My sneeze is in your quiz,
My gas is your fuss,
Your AZZ.

Your ball is my goal
You are my mom's troll,
My station is your proclamation -
You're my sensation!

My mom Marina Noble is a shoplifter
Credit card hacker, but you are my beggar
You may be carrying a little twisted heart
Here comes my fungi-coated hand...

Your Internet posts are on my Tracphone,
Your destitution is my institution
Your imaginations are sick
Kiss my legs, bebe, lick my sneeze.

My obesity is your clarity
My hirsutism is your fauvism
Your Ghapan is my van
You're served by Bryan Sullivan.

Your impotence is my tolerance
My mom Marine is your grievance
You is a drible
You're my mindless fable.

My nose is longer than your torso,
My zeal is more Armenian than your thrill,
My [censor] is larger than your trass,
Yours truly Azz...

Let's get together, hon,
We'll share a piece of lori
Plastic flowers in the bedroom
Persian carpet on the parlor.

We both are tacky, my simpleton Ara
Don't hope for brie-cheese or pyramid acapella
Belgian carpets? Bay windows? Not for us!
Yours sincerely, Azz.

Who says - I have no culture - ??
I have more culture under my toenails, than entire Europe!
Karine Martirosyan showed me the recipe
She names it [do it yourself kit, Spitak-Westborough], yep.

Sweetheart Arayik, let's go to jail together
And share the bail, no matter
How poor I am; my mom is a fat stripper
We'll be just fine, ask the creaper.

Your class-action is my agenda
Keep dancing under my salsa
All Brooklyn knows you, [censor],
Unfondly, Azz.

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