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I have bought my packs of Marlboro Lights from our local One Stop shop or Tesco. As a smoker I usually buy sufficient to last me a week, which is usually approx 4 packs. Over the past 8 weeks I have found a minimum of two, and sometimes three faulty cigarettes in five of the last 16 packs of 20 purchased. As it seems to be a regular occurrence I would like to ask that Philip Morris do extra quality checks in order that I, along with other smokers of their brand, don't feel so utterly frustrated when trying to inhale on a ripped ciggy, especially if it is late evening with little chance of catching the local shop open to buy a new pack! Picture uploaded of two saved packs from this past week alone.

Marlboro Cigarettes

Jan 18, 2015
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  • Pi
      Oct 06, 2013
    Marlboro Cigarettes - broken cigarettes
    marlboro south africa
    South Africa

    Bought another pack of marlboro gold and with two of the cigarettes the filter was briken off the cigarette. This wasnt the first time this happened.

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