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Dear Morgan Property Top Management Team -
I have to knock your door regarding the problem that I have with your office, located at Mark center "Stoneridge Morgan Property management". I tried to solve my problem with them in their level, but they couldn't.
Unfortunately, the office failed to provide us safe and sound living environment. My family and I are very disappointed by not fulfilling by the promises made with us. since Sep 2017, I have regularly brought their attention and knocked several times their office door for treatment of the red flour beetle/creepy-crawlys/insects in my Apt. in January 2018, when I wanted to renew my contract, my first and the only condition was the treatment of the red flour beetle/insects and told the office that if they aren't able to treat the insects, I am would not renewal my contract. But they promised that they will definitely treat effectively this time because they had signed contract with another well-known pest control company where they do the services by guarantee. But, again, since my renewal of contract (January 2018) their treatment has not effective and the red flour beetle/inspects are spread from kitchen everywhere in my Apt.
At the last week of June 2018, when I came to the Statas, I went again to the office for 4 times and brought to their attention that my baby kid has tried to grab and eat the insects. We took him 3 times to Doctor because he was in a very bad condition - we all 100% thought he ate the red flour beetle/insects and did his entire medical tests. In addition, we threw out and garbage all our expensive furniture and thought that it would impact and finish the insect, but not. Because the treatment expert who came for a treatment to our Apt told my wife that the only solution is to change and renovate all the kitchen and baths cabinet, including even doors. Furthermore, my wife and kids all times and always complain to me and they ask me to take them out from this home as no one could live there where we have been living in such condition. But I told them each time that the office will provide beetter service this time and will treat the insects…but never happen
Now, this problem become worst and direct threat to my family. my kids and wife hate the Apt, because, they can't eat while they see the insects coming and going on the eating table. My elder kids cry and can't sleep during the night because the insects are going and coming on their bodies. We all 24 hours observe our baby kid to not eat the insects.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Alexandria, IN So, to do the longer story shorter, this worst experience created a psychological sickness for my wife and kids. Therefore, we have to leave the Apt in order to avoid any critical fit towards my family.

However, I told the leasing office that I would leave and handover the Apt by August 20, 2018 and would only pay till that date (August 20) and would not be charged any Pany extra. because of this experience and based on my conditional leasing renewal contract in January 2018. But they told me that I have to stay and give extra chance them to do pest control service. Otherwise I have to pay for early termination. But I have given Morgan chance more than 11 MONTHS/since Sept 2017 (with renewal chance on January 208) and have directly followed with the office management team. But during the 11 months times, what they have done? Sometimes, they apologized for their false, and sometimes they mentioned that they were on maternity leave (please see the email exchange for these codes they made) - these are not logic reasons that they have brought to excuse. You will very clearly understand from my exchange email bellow with the leasing office that in what situation they kept my family? They only kept promises to change the situation, and we trust them till now…
they want me to stay in the Apt. Yes, I will stay but once again I am honestly telling you that my bay son tries to grab and eat the insects. So, if he sick/dies because of its poisons then who will be responsible for.
Also, I want to bring it to your attention that once I wrote the email and told the office that I have to leave my Apt. they immediately sent a pest control (July 20, 2018) to proof that they are continuing their services. But my wife refused this time. Because, we believed that this wouldn't work again - just waste of time and putting dust in our eyes again.
So, now I am knocking your door to solve this issue, If this wouldn't work, I have to make it official and file complaint against the management of the Mark center office, and claim for all the costs of my furniture that I have thrown out and for the cost of medical charges for my baby kid and as well as for the hazard situation that we were kept there for long time and waiting to. Now, I need your action!

You can reach me through: omari.[protected] or +[protected]

I searched the complaints boards website through google, please ignore my complaint if it's not directed to the Morgan Properties Management or Morgan Properties complaints board. If yes then looking forward to your follow up and further communication.

5782 Dunster Ct, apt 172, Alexandria, VA, 22311

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Jul 29, 2018

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