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My name is Angelia Campbell. I went to the marathon gas station on 5/9/17 between 12:30-1:20 pm. I came to buy cigars and the lady who served me is what I know now the manager Alonza Sibert. She gave me a hard time about my ID. Took longer than usual than what I've experienced elsewhere. My actual complaint is her rude customer service. I can understand it's part of the job concerning ID but I am 27 years old and I did not appreciate her ill manner with me. She joked around with a trucker who was inside also but talked to me in a snappy way.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Daleville, ALI finally had to pull up my sunglasses in which she still continued to look at me in an ill manner and my ID even after quizzing me about my birthday. I went today 5/10/17 to talk to the manager. The cashier took my number in which I received a phone call from the manager 5 min later being rude and hesitant about my complaint. When I drove back to the gas station, turns out the one I wanted to complain about is the manager herself. I like to go to this particular station because it's after hours and it's right by my home. Now I do not want to go. I feel completely disrespected and all the other workers there have never treated me that way.

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    Can you guys edit my complaint removing names to leave anonymous

May 10, 2017

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