Marathon Oil Corporationoil royalties acct. # [protected] big horn county

My Mother was collecting oil royalty payment quarterly reguraly from Marathon for many years. Her account no. was [protected]. She passed in May 2016. Marathon deposited one more quarterly payment about that time into her account. I then notified Marathon of her death. The account went into suspension. I tried for two year to change the royalties into her children's names. I submitted an affidavit that was filed with Big Horn County to change into her children's names. Then I tried to change into just Brian Madsen's name as my Mother wished. I never did get it straightened out before Marathon sold the oil royalties to Merit Energy June 2016. I have manged to change the royalties into Brian's name at Merit. They paid him the back royalties from June 2016. However, from Marathon's last payment summer 2015 to summer 2016 Marathon transferred nothing to Merit. In addition Marathon has told me repeatedly that there is nothing in the account. I also inquired to Marathon finacial department to find out if the funds were maybe transferred to the State after 3 years. I received no response. They keep e-mailing me the same answer. We have nothing in the account. My question is this. Did the well produce for years and years and suddenly stop in 2015 and then start again magically when Merit purchased in 2016? Since Merit Energy have had the roylties they are producing the same as when Marathon had the royalties and were paying. I have been trying to straighten this out with Marathon for 3 years. I just need to know what happened between last payment 2015 to when they were sold June 2016? It makes no sense that my Mother received payments until her death and then the the well stopped producing at all from 2015 to 2016? Then magically started producing almaost exactly the same when Merit took over?????

Thank you

Catherine Kahn-Salcido

Dec 03, 2018

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