Mango/Visa / prepaid credit/debit card

United States

Atm cash withdraws from another country i've never been to! Specifically sri lanka & kuala lumpur. (This also happened with my partner's card). They said they investigated & closed the case. I will be taking them (Visa) to small claims court... May become a class action lawsuit. My partner is an attorney.

I will not let this go... ($3k). If you have a similar complaint, perhaps we can team up to nail this scam. I will be suing for at least 3x my original claim amount. From what I read on just this forum, there are others with a similar situation. The more claims I can compile, the better pay off for all of us.

Mango, if u are real & listening (Even though I doubt it), your scam will be exposed!!

Oct 18, 2017

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