Mango / poor service and bad attitude of staff members

Johannesburg, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0824471183

Flight was booked through the company on mymarket. Received a confirmation that flight departs at 6.50 am. I arrived at the counter to check in at 6.14 am. A very rude woman said that I am late and the gate is closed. I must go to the service desk for help because the flight departs at 6.40. At the service desk I was told that I must pay R500 if I want to get on the next flight at 9.00 am. There were at least 20 clients in the same situation at the desk. We called to speak to the supervisor, Sedibeng Lebethe. She told me that I was late and the gates close 40 minutes before departure. I asked why this was not communicated.The response was it is in your contact and in future you must read it. This is not communicated on the confirmation so her attitude and the aggression with which she addressed this was out of line. She also started to scream at some of the clients and eventually I told her to lower her voice as this is not the way to speak to clients. She is highly unprofessional, arrogant and aggressive. If this is your standard of"service" then I suggest you contact me to conduct customer service training as I am a training manager with a large national hotel group in south africa. If one of our staff members spoke to a guest in this manner I would ensure that she is disciplined and even suspended. You should be embarrassed to admit that you have such low level supervisors on your service desk.

Jun 3, 2015

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