Mango Airlines / unethical, unprofessional, unsafe

South Africa

I sincerely hope the management team read about this as I think the way in which Mango airlines has conducted in unsafe practices needs to be addressed urgently. Upon boarding my flight from Cape Town to JHB there was a slight delay with the boarding procedure. Eventually, a few minutes post the boarding time, one of the staff members announced that there was a dent on the wing of the plane caused by a bird which had struck it either during take off or landing, I am not certain but that is besides the point. Mango airlines' solution was to "call the guys in JHB and see if it is still safe to fly" now those of you reading this, what do you think "the guys in JHB" would say, in order not lose a fully booked flight, bearing in mind a dent on the wing and the speed at which the plane travels?

Eventually I left as I refused to board a defect aircraft so I went back out to the Mango help desk and requested my ticket to be transferred to the next day as I refused to pay to board a defect plane. While this was happening the front desk manager seemed to try and composed himself as if to hold back his patronising and sarcastic tone as I requested my flight transfer.
These were the words he used "I would get on the plane if it was me" "I understand you are scared" "It;s gonna be hassle getting your bag off the plane now". Now normally I would have got back onto that plane once they had cleared it for take off, but the very fact that some ### tried to press me into having had paid for the ticket and over and above that, try and manipulate me into boarding a defect aircraft was unacceptable and unethical. I then had to pay a difference in the fare fee in order to transfer my flight.

So lets summarise:

Consumer pays for ticket.
Airline announces a defect with the plane.
Airline announces that it is ok to aboard a defect plane.
Consumer refused to board a defect plane.
Airline staff tries to patronise and bully the consumer to board a defect aircraft.
Airline makes the consumer pay extra to change flight even though consumer had nothing to do with the defect aircraft, but the consumer must pay just so that he can board a "safer" flight.

In closing, I would like to just say, [censored] YOU mango airlines. I will do everything in my power to make sure that the people in my immediate network, clients and associates will hear about this and I will make sure to cast doubt over their decision before they even consider flying with your ### fleet and pathetically uneducated staff

May 10, 2014

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