Mango Airlinessee letter

Mrs. E Truter
Bosbok Avenue 93
Theresa Park Pretoria
Cell: [protected]

The Management Mango Airlines,
We love traveling with your airlines, but there are 3 points Highlighted to you.
1) The time we book our flights on 6 December there was a special (so call on the Gautrain) and will receive the vouchers on board. So we took the train R350 plus R40 for the two new Gautrain tickets. On board there were no vouchers, so my husband emailed you twice the proof of the Gautrain tickets. This was very excited a holiday of 5 weeks in Cape Town, WOW! Then the pilot said: no cameras allowed using during the flight. The first time since we fly Mango. I was very disappointed, complain to the pilot and said but I can take photos now at the time we landed. My comment to him was that we are not supposed to take photos on the airport.

2) Then we received my new suitcase was overweight, paid R45 per kg. More than 20 kg. We received our suitcase without wheels, was broken off on 11 January 2017.

3) I forgot that we was surprised to get vouchers on that flight back on 11 January 2017 plus 2 new Gautrain cards, O my, we have now 4. We checked and not even R1 discount. We could arrange with someone to pick us at O R Tambo on the 11 January, but thought maybe we received some discount; again we paid R350 plus2x R100 for a friend to pick us up at the Pretoria station. Are there really any benefits to fly with Mango? At this moment I will never make use of the Gautrain anymore, we used it especially because your airline promises us to get some discount? On extra flights before June or July. Not possible. (I must have a neck operation and is on medication for anxiety.) I also wanted to know if anyone know how difficult it was for us to pull a suitcase weight 28 kg without wheels and hand luggage then struggle on the Gautrain. Can any of you see any benefits? No discount on Gautrain, no pictures out of the airplane, suitcase without wheels. This was very disappointed.

We enjoyed our holiday but not our memories with Mango.

Thank you
Mrs. E Truter

Feb 06, 2017

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