Mango Airlines (FlyMango)poor service

I am very disappointed with the service I received today... With the flight details below... I was to from lanseria to durban at the 17:10 pm flight... I arrived on time and even checked in online... I was told that due to the weather, the flight was delayed and first I was told to sit at gate 3 then I was asked to move to gate 4 and wait for instructions... I waited an hour and then decided to enquire wat was going on... I was then told the flight had left me... I was left stranded at the airport as everyone from mango had left... I called your call centre and I was told there is nothing that can be done and I must return tomorrow to have the ticket changed or refunded...

The morning I arrived at lanseria airport and was told by the supervisor buyisile radebe that she can not do anything... The supervisor from yesterday can only answer what happened... Apparently the supervisor that was present was tsholofelo mojani is the only person that can explain what happened... He will request the footage to see what happened... And furthermore I must call [protected]... They are not able to help at all.

This was very disappointing and inconvenient. I was left stranded and had to incur unnecessary expenses because of this...

It is now 2 days since I first emailed mango and yet noone has contacted me...

Mango Airlines (FlyMango)

Jan 09, 2017

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