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Mango Airlines / FlyMango / flight delay / customer service

1 United Kingdom

The worst service and customer relations I've EVER encountered!!!

I am from overseas and was staying in Johannesburg with family. My cousin and I wanted to go visit another family member in Cape Town and Mango ended up being the cheapest for me; whilst for my cousin another airline was cheaper so we were flying separately but at similar times so as to meet up in Cape Town. Then during the day I received an SMS saying my flight was delayed from 19:30 to 21:30. This was quite frustrating because (as mentioned above) I was due to land at the same time as my cousin in Cape Town; but would now only be taking off as she landed. Frustrating, but not the end of the world. Next thing I receive another SMS saying the flight was further delayed and would now only be taking off at 23:30!!! That's a 4 hour delay meaning my cousin would need to travel on as it wouldn't be fair to expect her to sit and wait for 4 hours while she could be with family as we were only in Cape Town for a weekend. I then get another SMS saying the flight is delayed and a different time is provided. I cannot recall this time although it was earlier than 21:30, but at this stage I'm so frustrated I plan on just heading to the airport to find out what's going on as it seems nothing is really clear.

When I get to the airport I wait in the queue and receive my boarding pass and try to ask what the issue is and why everything is delayed. I explain that I'm meant to be travelling in convoy with my cousin and that we only have the weekend in Cape Town so these delays are somewhat frustrating. I am told that the "we were down" (whatever that means?) and that there's nothing to be done. I then go meet my cousin who is busy trying to check in, only to discover that they've now also got 2 different times on my boarding pass (19:30 - the original time & 21:30 - the supposed new time) so now I have to go back to a line where heaps of people are queuing as there are many delays (and many complaints) to clarify what time my flight actually will be. In the end, we got to Cape Town.

Once back in Johannesburg, before leaving the country again I receive and SMS stating that Mango apologised for the delay; and says we can call them for assistance. I discovered they were willing to pay R250.00 for the inconvenience. As I was leaving the country, I decided to email them and find out whether this was applicable to overseas service users; and if so how that may work. I emailed on 10/04/2018, 19/04/2018, 30/04/2018, 02/05/2018, 03/05/2018, 04/05/2018, 05/05/2018 & 07/05/2018 and never received any response. Whilst I understand that the proffer of a voucher as a gesture of good will due to the delays is non-obligatory, it is really frustrating that they never answer their emails and on top of such terrible service. It almost seems like a tactic used to ensure that not all affected and offered recompense are able to make use of such, therefore saving the company money. It would have been preferable to be given a discount on the flight that was delayed; or even vouchers to use on board for on board refreshments.

May 16, 2018

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