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Dear mango,

We flew with mango from johannesburg international airport to port elizabeth airport on 15 dec 2016 (Flight je525 – time: 05:55 to 07:40). Our booking reference number was: pdmlts.

When we collected our “tosca” suitcase at the port elizabeth airport, we saw that our suitcase could no longer stand on its four wheels. At closer inspection we saw that the suitcase support structure has been completely destroyed and our suitcase is therefore no longer usable. This suitcase has only been used once before and was therefore practically brand new.

As shown in the attached foto’s, the bottom support rod completely snapped in half.
We could also not extend the handle from the top of the suitcase, and when opening the suitcase, we found that the extension had been buckled and both rods were ripped from their brackets.

We immediately went to the mango counter at the port elizabeth airport and reported this. The lady at the mango counter assisted us to fill in the “property irregularity report” form.

I reported this incident to mango guest care and all they sent me was a template letter of apology, which is completely outrageous seeing that my suitcase has completely been destroyed and is completely unusable after flying with mango airlines.

I expect mango to take full responsibility for the above mentioned damage to my suitcase as it has been completely destroyed.

Your assistance with this would be highly appreciated.
Thanking you
Christine van zyl

Mango Airlines / FlyMango
Mango Airlines / FlyMango

Jan 18, 2017

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