Mango Airlines / FlyMangobroken items in cooler bag sent as fragile item - flight ref: pdvyvb

Good day

We were on a flight back from Cape Town to Lanseria on Tuesday 02 May (13:45 flight).
We had a cooler bag that was taken to the fragile department to avoid any breakage.
The contents was by baby’s bottle strelizer, a bottle of snoek patte (this was wrapped in paper and cling wrapped) and frozen savouries.

Needless to say, this bag was not handled as FRAGILE. The Bottle Sterlizer is broken. The Snoek patte bottle was shattered into pieces and savouries were broken.

I am extremely upset as I was travelling with an infant and a toddler and my husband walked all the way to the FRAGILE section to drop this bag off. The expectation of having the cooler bag transit through the fragile section was to ensure that it is handled with care – which it clearly was not. I expect to be compensated for the mishandling of the bag which caused damage to my belongings.

Zuleka Adam

May 04, 2017

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