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I I booked two flights online from Cape Town to Durban departing on the 05th July booking reference JVBSYM and opted to pay the following day. I proceeded to pay the following day and thought all was okay. When I received the confirmation, I did not check as I had already printed the email received on the 27th. I went to check my departure time on the 04th and opened the email dated the 28th June and learned that the booking was for a flight from Jhb to Cape Town on the 04h July. I immediately called the contact centre and a very unfriendly person by the name of Lusanda told me that there was nothing I could do as the flight had already departed from Jhb and that it was my problem. The flight for the 05th from Cape Town to Durban was cancelled by Mango an hour after the confirmation via email was received. There was no email advising the booking was cancelled. Mango does not have any record of an email sent to me confirming that my flight for the 05th has been confirmed, it appeared as if I was fabricating this. Who do I speak to, to make good on this mess? Today, 05th July I got a call from Yusuf in the Guest Servives department of Mango and according to the IT department I did not request payment within 24 hours which justifies the cancellation which they do not notify their customers of. It is unacceptable that flights are confirmed but no notification is given if the booking is cancelled for whatever reason. Because I was not in Jhb to board the flight I am considered a no show and therefore I have to pay for another flight. I dont live in Jhb and did not request a flight on the 04th why would I need to phone them to cancel. They cannot even say that we need to share the blame and meet each other half way, they must be having cash flow problems if R1, 300 is going to make a dent in there bank account. If 93% of consumers using hellopeter post negative remarks, what does that say about the business as a whole. At some point people are going to look at poor service, bad attitudes, and no regard for the people who they depend on to keep there doors open. It would seem that the welfare and general consumer satisfaction does not factor in the way Mango operates it business.

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  • Co
      Jun 17, 2011

    I travelled between CPT & J'burg return. Flight there had no complications. Coming back, We booked in 3hrs early and had supper and OR Tambo. When we arrived in CPT at 24:00 I was waiting for my very last bag to come out at the convayer, half hour later no more bags were coming round. I was told my bag was left behind in Jbrg. I got a C number and was instructed to phone after 8:00. Did that and was told my bag would be delivered to my house, this was done, but when I got my bag the lock was broken off and about R4700 worth of items were stolen out of my bag. Trying to communicate with Mango staff on a phone was a nightmare, from one operator to the next I was told that some one will call me back... still waiting for their call today. I then e-mailed them, got a response but after a long who-ha it was clear they expect me to cut my losses. I refuse to stand for this and want to be reimbursed as I don't see why I have to suffer any losses due to their staff's negligence . Regarding insurance..On there website it even tells you: This option has been pre-selected for you if you wish NOT to have it please deselect. The thought that this type of thing probably happens on a daily basis drives me up the wall, we suffer losses and just sit back and except it. This is wrong. I have even lodged a complaint with the consumers act and Mango Airlines can be sure that I am not going to just let it slide. I have told them this in e-mails too, still waiting on a response. Pathetic!

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  • Ma
      Dec 09, 2012
    Mango Airlines - book ins
    South Africa

    EXTREMELY upset and dissappointed at the service received at the MANGO AIRLINES, CAPE TOWN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, my niece was booked on the 06H45 flight WITH THE REFERENCE NUMBER KPQJBX, flight number JE 702..when trying to book in at 6h00 THEY WERE INFORMED THAT SHE WAS TOOOO LATE for her flight( and had to either purchase a later flight or forgo her ticket.being her first time flying she was in a state of distress already and now mango was claiming she can't take her flight..This to me is very un-exceptable because we all know that plenty of times while waiting for a flight, airlines wait for "late passengers and their names are being announce continiously!!She had to end up paying an extra R722 for a later flight to Lanseria, which to me is DAYTIME ROBBERY for a 15 year old.I will let everyone know, facebook, twitter, hello peter and every other social network I am on, what disgusting service you provide and will further not recommend THIS AIRLINE AGAIN!I ask myself was THIS FLIGHT OVER-BOOKED? thats why 45 mins before the allocated time of departure "book-ins were CLOSED".Is this how MANGO AIRLINES EXPLOITS ITS CUSTOMERS INTO PURCHASING HIGHER AIRLINE TICKETS????

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  • Na
      Feb 03, 2013
    Flymango / Mango Airlines - Rip off
    South Africa

    I had booked a ticket online and typed the destination in incorrectly.therefore called mango airlines immediately to correct mymake.i mean like 5minutes later.they now say I ave to pay a penalty of R367.that in my opinion is not fair or good business ethics!also they cannot or refund the ticket.please see their Facebook page-huge number of complaints.i am really tired of these companies ripping us off!

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  • Ta
      Apr 30, 2013
    Mango Airlines - Theft
    Mango Airlines
    South Africa

    After doing a recent booking with Mango, their system crashed mid-way and when I called they said the reservation had not been done so they re-booked (even though I had a reference number) and took my credit card details resulting in my having two bookings and two charges on my card for the same journey.
    They never bothered to call me to let me know this, it was only after checking my bank statement a month later, that I realised the issue. I've now been calling and emailing constantly to get this sorted, to no avail.

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  •   Apr 30, 2013

    They never bothered to call me to let me know this, it was only after checking my bank statement a month later, that I realised the issue. I've now been calling and emailing constantly to get this sorted, to no avail.

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  • Sh
      Jun 07, 2013
    Mango Airlines - False advertising
    Mango Airlines
    South Africa

    I received an email on 3 June 2013 at 23:08 regarding flight specials. I was very excited, because I need to purchase tickets from Cape Town to Joburg and back. So I saw on the bottom of this email that it is for one-way tickets only. No problem. So I booked my flight back from Joburg to Cape Town online.
    Then I started making calls on 4 June 2013 since 09:00 to book a one-way flight as per this special. I phoned (021 815 4100) 31 times and (086 100 1234) 35 times between 09:00 and 10:54. Finally I got through. After holding for another 14 minutes I got through to an agent. She told me that this special is for return flights only!!!
    What the hell, Mango???
    I emailed them on 4 June. Still no reply from them. How are they going to make this right???

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  • Pe
      Oct 08, 2013
    Mango Airlines - Stealing from Clients
    Mango Airlines
    South Africa

    We arrived 30 minutes before our flight because we where delayed by traffic to the airport. We where told that they have closed the check in counters and that they would not allow us to board the flight even though the flight was still there and had not even left. We paid for this flight and they where all to happy to take our money and leave us stranded at the airport.When trying to figure out how to re-book the flight we where given as little information as possible. Every time we inquired about the price the price would go up and they would give us some half hatred excuse why. We ended up flying back with Kulula, what a helpful airline. No hassles and cheaper than re-booking with Mango and this was for a new flight on the same day! Mango is the most unfriendly, unhelpful airline I have ever had to deal with. On top of everything they would not even reimburse any of the money that had been payed for the flight. Needless to say I will never fly with Mango again and will encourage all my friends and family to travel with Kulula.

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  • Be
      Feb 18, 2015

    I flew from OR Tambo on the 9th Feb and my bag was broken into and items worth more than 10k were taken off my bag. They said they will only pay me R145 per kg. My sneakers cost 3k and weigh about 200 grams and they refuse to pay. Knowing very well that they employed thief's. Or is it how they make their money? I will never get on a mango flight ever

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  • De
      Mar 31, 2016

    Name : Deresh Panday
    ID No : 8210165206084
    Flight Date : 29/02/2016
    Flight Time : Departure from Cape Town 13:40
    Flight No : JE346
    Tag Number : 0083323775
    Bag Description : Black BMW Travel Bag
    Item Taken from Bag : PRADA SUNGLASSES

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  • No
      Jul 12, 2016
    Mango Airlines - Refund of R285
    Mango airlines
    South Africa

    I made my booking using cheque card

    The consultant debited my account by R285 instead of R570.00.

    I called numerous time to ask for refund as consultant advised that funds will be credited after 24hrs

    I phoned on Monday 01/11/2010 and the consultant advised that she will send a form to FNB to credit my account.

    On 04/11/2010 I phoned my bank they said they did not received any claim from Mango.

    Then on 09/11/2010 I spoke to Sifiso who promised to do the same thing and I gave him auth number 509726 to sort this out.

    I need status of my query ASAP.I told Sifiso I am not going to call again because your staff is incompetent no-ne wants to take accountability or responsibilty towards customer complain.

    I really think you service is very poor.
    I logged my complain on helopeter but no response because they no registered with them.
    I was copied on one of the email showing that my query was escalated on 20/11/2010 from Elze Rooskrantz to Sifiso Mhlambi.

    No one is showing interest with my query.

    Please assist.

    I am tired of running around

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  • Go
      Jul 12, 2016
    Mango Airlines - misleading advertising
    South Africa

    was enticed into travelling with Mango after seeing the special you
    had yesterday and took the liberty of booking before it came to an

    The website timed out while I was busy with the reservation and upon my second attempt, I couldn't proceed because the booking had gone through under ref: KCPDCL. I then went on to the mango site again to compare details and indeed it was my details under that reference.

    I noted also that I had 48 hours in which to confirm the booking.

    I am from Shoprite in Arcadia to pay for my booking and was told the
    reference number was under somebody else and that my name did not even
    appear on the system, and had to book another to reserve a seat, and

    I am deeply diasppointed by the false advertising conducted as I can
    imagine this error could have as a result of that.

    I know I was still within the timeframes provided.

    the fact that this company doesn't even respond shows how little they care for the same customers they service.

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  • Rh
      Aug 02, 2016
    Mango Airlines - Pathetic Service
    Mango Airlines
    South Africa

    I travelled on Mango Airlines in April 2011 and my bag handle broke.I went to the mango counter and spoke to a guy named Imraan he took my bag and promised to have it repaired.Every since that day i have been running to their offices in Durban and JHB and also called them numerous times spoke to several staff members( Imraan, Pranell, Joshua, Zailudeen, Thando, Sbu, godfrey) thats a few i remember.I was also asked to send a pic which i did. All promising to get back to me.But no 1 ever does. I was told recently that my bag has been lost and no one knows where it has disappeared to. Its been almost 2years that i havent received any news of my bag and i think the staff of mango have treated me very unfairly as they have lost my bag and has no decency to rectify their mistake. Mango's after service is pathetic and shows that they donot care the least about their passengers that chose to fly with their airlines. I am at a stage were am fed up running after the staff and wasting my calls on them because all they do is feed me with unneccesary lies.
    All i want is my bag back and to finally sort out the matter.

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