Mango Airlines / don't book with mango unless your life is perfect and nothing in the world will upset your travels plans

United States

In England, the cheap airlines make money by having excessive penalties for too much luggage. In South Africa things are different.

I bought 3 one-way tickets from Mango on 29 August 2009. Plans have changed (as they do!) and one person is no longer joining us. Unfortunately Mango does not do refunds. To me that is unreasonable and poor business practice. It is understandable that people shouldn't be able to cancel at the last minute penalty-free.

In my case, I would have cancelled more than 40 days before. Surely it is reasonable to get a refund then? What rationale other than greed is there for not allowing someone a refund under those circumstances. They will be able to sell the ticket. Also, to change the name on the ticket if I sold it would be an extra R130. This makes it even more difficult to sell a ticket without making a significant loss. So how does Mango make money...

I want a refund because this is bad business practice and it will in any event have to change when the Consumer Protection Act comes into force.

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