Malaysia Airlinesurgent complaint mh0002 (overbooked - deleted) pnr ref: 3brgwb

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration with Malaysia Airlines when travelling from Bali to London this past weekend.

Flight Numbers:
MH0002 (Over Booked- Deleted)
MH0004 (Replacement Flight)

I arrived at Bali Depansar airport on time with my friend of whom I had booked and planned my trip with, (her booking reference was X8YM4) to check into my flight back to London Heathrow. The journey consisted of 2 flights (change over at Kuala Lumpur) with Malaysia Airlines and had been booked 7 months previously.

When I arrived, I received two boarding passes for both flights home, however my friend of whom I was travelling with only received one. We therefore immediately enquired as to why this was the case as we were booked on the exact same flights and expected to receive the same service. One member of your check-in staff at the airport told her that the second flight (From Kuala Lumpur – Heathrow) was overbooked, so she could not check in. Another member of your staff heard this and jumped in to say that she had been told the wrong information and that in fact there was just an error with the system and just couldn’t print her boarding pass out in Bali– but not to worry as she will still be able to take the flight she needed once she arrived at Kuala Lumpur and she would simply need to speak to the Transit Desk at the changeover terminal in Kuala Lumpur to get the boarding pass printed. Unconvinced- we boarded the first flight to Kuala Lumpur…

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport at 22.30 local time ahead of the 23.15 connection flight to Heathrow so with only 45 minutes to spare. We therefore had to rush and run through the airport to the transit desk as advised by the staff at Bali airport to collect my friends boarding pass. When we eventually located the transit desk (flustered, hot and stressed) we were told that her name had actually been cancelled and deleted from the flight by staff at Bali Depansar airport earlier that evening due to the flight being overbooked by 15 people…. Which was totally unacceptable to hear at this stage of our journey as the staff at Bali had reassured us there wouldn’t be any issues. Learning that we had been blatantly lied to by the staff at Bali airport was enraging to hear.

The staff at Kuala Lumpur were awfully unapologetic, rude and actually laughed at me when we asked about what alternative options would be provided for us and how we could get home to London. Given that we had planned our entire trip together (I had actually paid more money that her for this specific flight just so that we could specifically travel home together) and that my travelling companion was clearly distraught about being left in Kuala Lumpur alone, with no further information or help as to when she would be allocated a new flight home – I was forced ro make the decision to be deleted off the 23.15 flight home too.

The staff eventually booked us a new flight that was departing 13 hours later than planned and a hotel stay within the terminal at the Sama Sama Express hotel. The staff then told us to collect my baggage that evening for the night from the ‘baggage office’.

We caught the train to the terminal where customs and baggage is situated, here were told to go through customs to get our baggage so that they could stamp our passports, but we then faced further issues and frustration. At this stage in our journey we either been given false information (lied to) or very little help at all from the Malaysian Airlines staff – we then questioned whether we should leave the terminal in fear we may not be able to return. To avoid further problems, we decided to take the train back to the Malaysia Airlines desk to triple check what the best course of action was. When we arrived back at the Malaysia airlines desk- all staff had left and there was no one there to help us. This was very disappointing and upsetting – we felt very alone and worried.

From here we everntually arrived at the Sama Sama Express hotel- where the staff at the desk were very helpful and rang about our luggage to organise it for the flight the next day. We finally thought we would be able to check into our room and this journey from hell would soon be over… However we were then informed that we would need to go back to customs at the airport they to get our stamp voided as it would prove difficult if we ever want to enter the country again in the future. So we got the train back to customs where we were advised to exit the airport and come back in through departures. We refused this as we needed to stay in the terminal. We then were finally diverted instead to the 'Immigration Office' which had a queue of 35 people at 2am in the morning….. We waited here for an hour.. and managed to finally get our stamps voided.

We then returned back to the Sama Sama Express Hotel and spent a couple of hours there.

The next morning we arrived at the Malaysia Airlines desk to check where our baggage was. I was then informed by Malaysia Airlines staff that my bag 'should be on the flight' but they couldn’t confirm as it hadn't yet been scanned. We were then informed that the luggage couldn’t be tracked in Depansar, Kuala Lumpur or London – so I wasn’t able to locate my baggage. It was here that I was so infuriated that I asked the desk to print all records of what has happened to us so we could formally lodge a complaint.

Here I spoke to the Manager (badge attached) who was finally the first member of staff to apologise for how we had been treated. He also advised us that these ‘over booking’ disasters have been occurring constantly for the past 10 days.

The new flight was due to leave at 09.50 but was further delayed as didn’t started taxi-ing until 10.20. There were also another 2 passengers next to me who had both been checked in and allocated to the same seat, so one of them had to be removed from the plane in a very unhappy manner, (topical following the United Airlines story).

Having invested around £2000 in a wonderful holiday I am extremely disappointed to have had such an awful and emotional experience returning back to the UK. Because of these inconveniences I have not only lost a day of my life to the Kuala Lumpur terminal but also a full days salary at work (£300) and several missed pre-planned appointments that I had scheduled for the day of Monday 24thApril in London. These factual inconveniences do not take into consideration the emotional stress that this caused me. The attitude, lies and complete incompetence of your staff was infuriating and very upsetting. However, I realise their blatant lack of sympathy must be because it is a situation they deal with every day.

I would like an explanation as to why you over book your flights so extensively as this leads to disappointed customers daily? Whilst I understand the process is random it is extremely insensitive to not consider the implication that this has to individuals that are travelling together, is that something your company are proud of? We never indicated the we no longer required the cancelled seat on the flight from Kuala Lumpur in 7 months lead up where I had it booked- so why would you cancel it?

Please see all attachments that illustrate my experience with Malaysia Airlines, I am about to file an online review on Trip Advisor of my horrific Maylasian Airlines experience, before I do I would like to take into consideration your official response. I hope to receive the maximum compensation for this travesty of and experience and the comedy of errors I received from your staff.

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May 02, 2017

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