Malaysia Airlinesmishandled baggage

This is regarding the mishandling of baggage against reference the reference number mentioned above in the subject. The baggage took almost one day to delivery and I was asked by the customer service provider to buy dome daily utilities which will be reimbursed by the airline. We were two people travelling and Singapore being a new place we had to manage a lot of things and places to buy from. We were there for our honeymoon and one day was spoiled because of you and we then had to look for stores to buy basic garments and lavatories. I am attaching the bill for the claim and also need some compensation for the problems and grievances faced by both of us. I never expected this might happen with a name which has been famous for the best service amongst all the big players. PFA the bills.
Ravi Sherwal
Contact no-[protected]

Malaysia Airlines

May 02, 2017

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