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My letter to zamri muslimin, head of customer care in mas after mas sutbbornly refused to pay anything more than usd 20 / kg of check in luggage!!! My check in luggage was 9kg!!! Usd 9kg does not even cover the cost of my bag!!!


You obviously do not know how much a bra costs, to which I had 3 very
Good ones in my lost bag and the amount of usd 180 would just cover

I am really surprised your calculation of compensation would include
My expenses in singapore, to which I had to fight so hard for. I would
Have gladly not incurred those expenses and the stress and shock of
Surviving without a bag. How am I to survive in a foreign land with
All the pressing demands of work if I were not to purchase
Necessities. I was told by the changi lost and found to purchase what
I needed to which I did. The reimbursement is reasonable and expected.
I did not even purchase a new luggage bag nor my usual branded
Toiletries and cosmetics, and on the flight back, I had to buy a box
And tape from the post office to check in my liquids! What a great
Experience! Malaysian hospitality?!

You have refused my request to cover the purchase of the toiletries
After it was quite evident my bag was lost nor even budge an inch for
Flexibiliy of the claims.

You just glossed over the fact that the contents of my bag cost so
Much more and contained items that meant something to me personally. I
Had to explain to my colleagues that I lost our bosses baby shower
Gift. How great is that!

I have not felt any real compassion at all from mas from the moment
This incident happened. I only feel you wish to close this case
Quickly and neatly and sweep it all under the carpet case in point-
Forcing me to quickly accept and process the claims as after i
Accepted I legally no longer had a case against mas?

It is really extremely disheartening. I started off giving mas the
Benefit of the doubt and a chance, but through this whole experience,
I have the reinforced believe that truly, the general perception of
Mas by malaysians is true. That is it a poorly managed company in huge
Debt with incompetant staff.

I will exercise my rights to express my views to the media.

Celynn lim

On 3/21/12, zamri muslimin <[protected]

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  • Le
      15th of Sep, 2013

    I landed KLIA from Osaka on 14 Sept 2013 and proceeded to Belt G to collect my luggage only to find that one wheel on my 29" suitcase was broken. I proceeded to the Baggage Claim/Lost & Found Dept for my claims. The suitcase cost was S$250 bought early 2013 which converted to RM670. I was given the option of either taking whatever crap suitcase they have as a replacement or take RM100 for the broken wheel. As I needed to return to Singapore on the same day and their replacement suitcases are not what I would buy personally, I demanded for the claim to be done in Singapore Malaysia Airlines Office. I am doing it now. See what comes up.

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  • La
      29th of May, 2015

    Nothing to say much, It is the worst airline and i'll never recommend this airline to anybody

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  • Ly
      2nd of Feb, 2016

    All the luggage on my recent flight from Kuala Lumpar to Paris didn't get sent through (I'd originally departed from Perth, but it was the KL side that hadn't sent them on). We were told they'd arrive at our hotel the next morning, and we had to fill in forms to provide details of our flights, our itinerary, etc. I was only to be in Paris for 2 days and then on up to North Sweden, where the temperature got to -39 whilst I was there. The bag hadn't arrived by the time I left 2 days later, and I was ill equipped for the cold in Sweden. I hadn't had a chance to shop at speciality shops (as I had in Australia ready for the trip) so had to grab what I could as I went, mostly at Stockholm airport, buying jumpers, woollen shawl, hat, whatever I could so I didn't freeze to death. The bag (thanks to the kind help of a lovely male receptionist at the hotel I was staying in Paris) eventually found me a week later in an obscure town in North Sweden. I was lucky to get it back, I think, but meanwhile am trying to claim reimbursement for the items I had to buy - even something towards it. It was impossible to chase up the missing bag in Paris, and I spent a lot of time and frustration (and tears) trying to do so, and now on my return I'm getting the complete round around trying to get back what I feel I'm definitely owed - or even a little bit towards it! There seems to be no clear numbers of ways to contact these people. Happy enough to sell you tickets - then nothing, no way to follow things up. It's definitely put me of this airline for sure.

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