Malaysia Airlines / long bag drop queue line


Huhuu... I've been queue at klia for about 1 hour for bag drop & end up arrived at the counter, they say gate already closed for bag drop. My fault???
U guys don't manage it well. I saw one man asking whether he manage to drop his bag in the aircraft cabin, the mas worker said "maybe". Huh what an answer is that???...
Really disappointed with mas. Cannot open more counter to fasten the bag drop?? 😒🤔😧 less staff is it? Cannot add up more??? Huhuuu...
If u guys already know there will be increasing of people drop the bags in the morning, please do something. Open more counters!!! Improve!!

I started queing at 6.50am & arrived at the counter at 7.40am. My flight to bintulu is at 8.25am. No consideration at all?? Disappointed 😒

May 14, 2017

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