Malaysia Airlines / I would like to complain about cabin crew - farah and aznie aliff


Flight number: MH 775
Flight departure date/time: 16th of January 2017, 7pm Thailand local time
Flight departure city: bangkok
Flight destination: kuala lumpur

This was the first and the worst flight experience with MAS. I intended to change my meal as I requested for fruit platter during ticket purchasing. The cabin crew informed that if there is any leftover then he can help us to change. It's reasonable so I waited until he come back to me. However he didn't. Then I talked to him, AZNIE ALIFF, he said fish pasta still available and he said he will serve me that later. But he never come back until the flight reached in KLIA. He didn't even let me know the meal still available to change or not. He just served coffee and past by me without saying anything.

In addition, another cabin crew called FARAH pulled a long face during the trip and be rude to passengers. She only laughed and talked to AZNIE ALIFF nicely in the flight.

Jan 17, 2017

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