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I have travelled by multiple airlines all over the globe but I must admit that Malaysian airlines would by far top the list of the worst airlines if we were to have a customer survey. I say this because of a number of reasons. My disastrous journey with MH began right from the Web Checkin process. I tried doing a web checkin on a number of occassions and it just didn't go through. As a result of this I had to go to the airport earlier than would have been needed had web checkin worked on the Malaysian Website. As a result I had to skip work on the 8th of Dec as my organization requires me to work at least 4 hours to be paid. I have already raised a complaint regarding this and have not yet received a response. The Case number is 1528 - 12/2016.

I boarded the aircraft and asked for eye shades and ear plugs. I was stunned to know that MH didn't have either of these on board. Even domestic air carriers tend to keep these. Here, a so called international airline didn't have either. The woes don't end here.

At KL airport, the airline was delayed and there were just no announcements. Further the boarding was done in such a shoddy manner that there was complete chaos. The MH staff at KL airport could barely speak English. Does MH expect all your travellers to know Malay?

The seats in the aircraft from KL to BOM were not at all comfortable. It's a 5 hour journey and seats of this kind were not all acceptable. I developed a back ache and my legs were strained too with such horrible seats.

The cabin crew were not kind either on the aircraft from KL to BOM, especially an Indian Stewart onboard. Anytime he was asked for some service, his tone of speaking was rude. Even one of my co-passengers was annoyed by this man's attitude. When he came to serve food, I asked him about the beverages available, he advised me that he had apple juice and orange juice. As he moved down the aisle, I realized that he had wine and other liquor too. How's it that the stewart offered me and some of the passengers only soft drinks?

On this aircraft, none of the passengers in Economy were provided with headphones. How does MH expect the passngers to use the inflight entertainment?

Even my baggage was mishandled by Malaysian. I had advised at the kiosk in Melbourne that I have some fragile stuff and to put a Fragile tag. In spite of having the Fragile tag, it seemed like your ground staff just flung my bag into the baggage area. The stuff I had in my suitcase was found damaged when I opened my suitcase.

In a nutshell, there was no positive experience at all. MH were treating me like as if I was travelling for free.

I seek a compensation from MH for such disgusting treatment and not providing me the sevices for the Fees paid.

Dec 23, 2016
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  •   Dec 23, 2016

    They don't speak are in THEIR country flying THEIR airline...of course they speak their own language.

    Bring ear plugs and headphones next time.

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  • De
      Dec 23, 2016

    @Wine Is Good Haha. Thanks for your comment. If you're doing business, you wouldn't ask your customer to learn your language. Rather it would be the other way round. If you fly by Emirates or Sg airlines, their staff are equipped to speak English :-)

    Wrt headphones, RAC cable doesn't work in most airlines. Not sure if you're aware of the pins for inserting headsets.

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  •   Dec 23, 2016

    When I went to Mexico, I expected to speak Spanish. It was a nice surprise that they spoke English, but since I was in a Spanish country, I did not expect them to. When I went to Canada, I expected to speak French. It was a nice surprise to hear English, but again, as I am in their country, I expected to use my translator app. The point is, you expected people in another country who speak another language to adapt to you. You are in their house. YOU adapt to them.

    If you invited a Russian to your home, would you learn Russian? Or would you expect the Russian to learn English? Same thing.

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