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I am Mohammad Reza Rahmati
I am Canadian Citizen So I don't need a visa before arriving to India and on my arrival Indian Authorities will stamp my passport and let me in.
But on July 20th 2016 I had a flight booked through Internet from Malaysian Airline to kuala lumpur and from there to Delhi But in checking in they said we can not let you go since you do not have visa from India for many times to many person I explained as a Canadian Citizen I do no need to get visa before arrival. No body listened to me and finally they transferred me to air Malaysia office who was pretending to help me he said it is holiday everywhere is closed and no one answers and without Indian visa you can not go . While Air Malaysia Call Center is open 24/7 and he better than every one knew that finally me as a disable person having Parkinson's Disease on wheel chair many time passed between 2nd and 3rd floor in Phuket international Airport and even forced to leave wheelchair my log gage was returned and my flight was canceled in last minutes then i tried to get help from tourists assistance since I went over limit in using my credit card and no left could not pay for taxi hotel or food .
I TAC of Phuket they helped me to apply for Indian visa :
I paid 1500 Baht for online visa
400 Baht for photo
1200 Baht for taxi minibus and bus
3600 Baht for hotel in Phuket
While I paid 900 for each night of hotel in Delhi
5700 Baht to Air Malaysia for booking and no show penalty and last minute Cancellation .
Totally so far not going to Delhi I lost 14100 Baht when I arrive Delhi I would have serious problem for payments .
So I am Going to make your company pay by making a lawsuit against your company for unreasonably stopping me from my travel for putting me as a disabled person under pressure and stress and making me do lots of not necessary expenses while I'm alone and absolutely nobody helps me.
I booked and paid penalty for a flight on July 24th I need a flight scheduled for me to Delhi tomorrow I paying back for my forced unnecessary expenses I need amendment for two days.of frustration and stress.
The flight I missed was from Phuket in Thailand on July 20th at 14:05 MH795 to Kulalampour and flight MH195 from Kualalmpour to Delhi

The flight I booked today July 24 the from Phuket MH791 from Phuket to
Delhi and MH790 from Kul to Del I need same but for Jul 22nd and amendment of my financial and mental damag.

Or a lawsuit will be run.


Reza Rahmati


Jul 21, 2016
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  • Na
      Aug 25, 2016

    Hello, Mr.Reza
    I'm Narumol. I wanted to help you but I can't contact you. Anyway, I wanna know how about it's going? If I known that you saw the problem with airline, I would certainly help you. I hope you're fine and everything goes well. I want to contact you. How can I do this? Please contact me back soon to my email narumol.[protected]

    Take care

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