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Mahindra & Mahindra's Dealers and their Workshop / Poor service!

1 India Review updated:

I regret to inform you that your dealership's handling of my New Scorpio SLX that I had bought in mid-June, 2006 has caused me serious inconvenience, making it extremely necessary for me to complain against it, considering the following problems:

At the time of delivery, the car had been delivered showing the odometer approx. 600 km. (The reason they gave us: We’ve driven the car from the plant to Ahmedabad, which I’ve heard for the first time).The rear spoiler was not installed in the car at the time of its delivery (They informed us that they will provide the spoiler after sometime, which is now installed by the way). Left-hand front seatbelt lock is not fitted well, even after your dealership people tried to fix it. The problem regarding the plastic buttons-cap on the inner screws of the door-mirror on the left-side is not yet solved. Most importantly-The car was delivered in the most dirtiest manner!!! There were oil handprints of the workers all over the interior and exterior of the car. My people had to clean it up at my place after the delivery, which took 4 to 5 hours! I had remarked these things in dealer’s feedback card. But instead I get a call from the dealership asking me why I had made those remarks?!?! Then why on earth did they give me a feedback card to fill???


Now A few days back, we had the music systems of 2-3 of our cars (including that of the Scorpio) stolen. In the Scorpio, while removing the last door window, the thief’s had caused dents in the car with the screwdriver that they were using (During the same time period, the first service of the car was also due). I drove the car to the same dealership's workshop for the service due as well as for getting rid of the dents. They asked for 2 days to repair, I gave them 4 days. But after 4 days, when I went to take my car, I actually stood there for 3 hours showing them the unclean interiors and exteriors of the car personally! Even the glasses weren't cleaned after the paint. I had actually given them old bed sheets from my place to cover the interior and then do their job, but they didn't use them at all. And after bringing it back to my place, the next day, I saw that the interior was even dirtier than the time when it was delivered. Nobody could say that it is a luxurious car of Rs.10 lakhs. If I had kept this car for 10 years (IF ? ! ?), even then you would not have found the interior in such a pathetic condition. It took my people at least 4-5 hours to clean up the car using shampoo and stuff.

In the workshop, when the vehicle was ideal, they had kept the windows of the vehicle open. I’ve never seen this system in any other workshop.

When I complained about this entire situation to the workshop (which is 35 kms. away from my place) on the telephone, they told me, to again bring the car to their workshop, in this festive season!! Do you expect your customers to serve the cars, or are you producing cars to provide service to them! I buy a car to serve myself but I am not ready to devote my entire time in service of a car. When I said that it won’t be possible for me to bring the car to the workshop during this time, they asked me to send the car with my driver. Well, while buying the car, Mahindra and Mahindra never told me that they would sell me a car on the condition of having a driver. And even if I have a driver, then how can I send him anytime for this work only? I've got other tasks also to take care of. The carpets, seats, dashboard, door panels, and glasses -all were filthy after the service. There were oil drops on the seats. And again, there were oil-handprints inside the car interiors including the steering wheel! Even the top of the car was dirty! How can the top of a car be dirty?? I am sure truck and auto rickshaw (Non Air-conditioned) owners keep their interior cleaner than this. Because of the dirty interior and the uncured dents in the car, I had to lock it and take some other car in this festive season. Before the Scorpio, I had the old Scorpio which I had bought in Sept.2002.I had kept it, till I got the new Scorpio this year, without a single problem during the approx. 4 years. It ran about 50000 kms. (I was the happiest customer during those 4 years.)

The workshop is using all the vehicles manufactured by Mahindra and Mahindra in such a way that not a single person can tell the difference between a utility vehicle and a luxury vehicle. In Ahmedabad, there are many other workshops of luxurious cars, the cars of some, which I also own and have to naturally maintain our cars from their workshops only. We’ve had enjoyed maintaining 35 to 40 cars in the past 20 years, but never in my life I've had such a bad experience with any of the workshops of other companies! I guarantee you, this is definitely the worst!


It is my sincere request to the Mahindra and Mahindra Company that they pay a strictly surprise visit to the Punjab Auto Workshop in Ahmedabad and see and investigate, exactly how they maintain a luxury vehicle, especially the following people of the workshop (even a roadside mechanic can give better service than the workers at this authorized Scorpio Company workshop).

Works Manager-Satyen

Job card Handler-Mitesh

Paint-job Handler-Ajay

When I go to the workshop to get my car’s problems fixed, instead of listening to what I've to say and handling my problems, the job-card handler and others from the workshop are very keenly interested in selling other of their auxiliary products only. He keeps on introducing me to other people for under-coating and body-coating and what not. I've to take time out of my busy schedule to get my car fixed and when I do that, they do nothing but waste my entire time!

The man who handled the paint job, Ajay, had tried to make me a fool in such a way that he thought I had bought a car for the very first time. He explained to me, that he had to remove/cut the inside panel, in order to mend the dents,which were of 1/2 inch only, and which are still not cured entirely. Seriously, a roadside mechanic would've done a 100 times better job than this. The estimated cost that I was asked to pay here was Rs. 3500! (I've no problem in paying the amount, but I am not ready to pay a wrong amount for anything). So when I talked to them technically, the amount came down to Rs. 1500. Its fine by me, if a person earns money, but do you allow your dealers to cheat your customers in such a way, to make money by hook or by crook?? Finally, he filled the dents, with hardener masala (Bombay masala, as they call it), and just painted over it, which is not appropriate even now. I'm not at all satisfied.

I was offered again by the workshop to send my car there to get it completed up, but after having such a bad experience, if I have to get my car serviced and I have no other option then Punjab Auto Workshop, then I would rather set my car on fire than give it to this workshop!

As a customer of the Mahindra and Mahindra Scorpio SLX, I expect to get the best of services from the dealers and after having such a bad experience with them; it became extremely necessary for me to take this step and to complain in such a manner. I hope that some serious action will be taken against such malpractices prevailing in the workshop and you will not make it necessary to complain about this to other authorities.


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  • Kr
      26th of Dec, 2007
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    It is because of such incidents that customers prefer servicing vehilces in local garages.. (Other than authorised workshops)..
    the culptits must be brought to book otherwise YOU (COMPANY)... LOOSE!!!

  • Mo
      27th of Apr, 2008
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    Mahindra General Maneger


    N.P.Mohammed Pattambi,
    Mob: 9447843133


    My vehecle Scorpio No: KL7 AS 4957 Service not ready service stay 1 month Service centre THRISSUR MAHINDRA, Pls contact shoroom .

  • Mi
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    Dear sir
    My vehecle no-UP 15 AE-7094 starting problem as on
    06/06/2008, but your nerst dealers M/S PREMIRE
    MOTORS AT DEHARADUN complaint noted in job.
    & relesed the vehecle dt 18/06/2008
    The starting proveblem same in this vehcle.
    vechle off road at pauri

    our contact no-9412216163

  • Iq
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    sir, this is to inform you that sri guru teg bhadur automobile F-101, mayapur industerial area phase II, owned by S, AVTAR SINGH, manufacturing duplicate cylinder head under the brand name of mahindra &mahindra since 1994, for all mahindra vechile, ingraved your brand lobo in the head casting, if need any help reg, this duplicacy you can call IQUBAL SINGH .cell no 9810559520, or u guide me the right place for complain, people are suffering badly for these duplicate cylinder head, i hope you will take a right action in this regard.

  • Dr
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    I purchased a Mahindra Bolero (SLX) on 9th of september'07 from Brajesh Automobiles, Purnea (Bihar). The vehicle has undergone four servicing on due times. The vehicle is still under one year warranty period. The chasis no is-MAIPS2GAK72H40767. The engine no is-GA74H73235. The registration number is BR-21B- 0001. .

    These were all the details about the vehicle which I purchased. Now we come to the problem part. Just after 9 months of purchase I met with an accident while driving the vehicle mentioned above. The accident would have been fatal, if I were driving at high speed. The cause of the accident was the technical fault with your vehicle. The accident took place because the central bolt of suspension snapped away while driving. To my surprise the vehicle is just 9 months old. But the story does not end here. Besides my life at risk, I sufferd heavy financial losses because of the faulty vehicle manufactured and sold by Mahindra & Mahindra. The accident took place at an isolated place from where The minimum distance of an authorised service station of Mahindra is 150 kms. However I travelled a distance of 35 kms to hire a local mechanic who repaired my above mentioned vehicle. But my ill luck did not end there because 2 of my front tyres were damaged beyond repair and I have to travel another 40 kms to get a new tyre.

    This accident took place when I was on my journey to Patna for the treatment of my son who is suffering from a serious chronic disease.

    So I want to make a humble request to everybody to help me in achieving justice. And I feel that all this circumstances are compelling me to make an appeal in front of the COnsumer Forum, who alone can safeguard my intrest.If you feel that my demand are unjust then just point out a reason that why should I not appeal infront of the Consumer Forum.

    Dr Rajeshwar Goit
    c-11, Koshi Colony
    Birpur, Supaul

  • Su
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    i purchas one bolero SLX from SHREE MOHAN MOTORS, NARNAUL, HARYANA. there was serious problem in gear box in new car, i show them, at third time they attend me and repair the gear box.

    in first service, they taken 12.5% tax extra on mrp. of filters and oil etc. after objecting they did not give me bill and also donttake payment, after that incident they did not attand me next time. so i serviced my bolero my self with original mahindra oil and filters every time as prescribed by co. in service boock. now my car's gear box is having problem, what should i do?

    sudershan k. yadav

    c/o soravi traders
    42/4, tikona park
    college road, ch. dadri
    bhiwani, haryana
    ph. 01250-224406

  • Sa
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    dear dir
    ii owned a marindra scorpio three months back fom your dealer SMART MOTORS PRIVATE LTD SILCHAR after first servicing of the vehicle we lost the manual book of the vehicle after searching everywhere it was not found please suggest what to do and kindly show me the way how can i get a duplicate manual book . your kind co operation in this matter will be highly appreciated
    thanking you
    sandip chamaria
    mobile no 0 9435070557

  • Pr
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    Hi sir
    I am the student of B.Tech (mechanical engg. ) 2nd year of IET Bundelkhand University Jhansi.
    Sir i have a design of car in which the car will be provide safety to an accident of 70% in this car we safe of accident
    SO i want to make a working model in yours guidence.
    Plz. help me
    And my design name is ASC ( Accident Safety Car)

    Thank u
    Prashant kumar
    contect no.- 09795221254 &

  • Aj
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    dear sir,
    this is ajit sahoo from orissa, sir i have a higher end scorpio which i bought on march of 2007 . sir i am finding a problem very ofen now a days that my car leaves the start on running condition for few secs an again it coming back. and non of the work shop person is able to find out the problem . the electrical workers are saying its a mechanical problem an mechanical workers are saying its electricl problem . plz help me out in this issue.

    Ajit sahoo
    a/184, sec-7, rourkela
    phone-9937036464 and 9437042426

  • An
      26th of Nov, 2009
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  • Ma
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    Today Mahindra and Mahindra is the worst in providing services to its customers. Dealers directly on the face say that the company is not allowing to earn on sales, so we are cheating and earning by service.

    Those bull ### cheater dealers of Mahindra should be slapped.

  • Mo
      26th of Jun, 2010
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    Mahindra general manager

    Most respectfully. i beg to say that i want to complaint a mahindra Xylo dealer ( Rampa Autos ) Hoshiarpur. State ( Punjab). Sir he talk very irrleterately to every customer . He doesnot respond a good deal .
    i hope you will take right action against this dealer ( Gagandeep Singh )
    please contact this dealer as early as possible . I shall be very thankful to you.

    Yours Faithfully
    Mohit thakur
    contact no . 09781593461

  • Sa
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    I bought mahindra Xylo limited edition with unlimited problems .. Horrible service .. big headache in service .. no body solves the problem .. even this complaint makes no difference to the company .. everyday a new problem occurs in the car ...

    sandeep kochhar
    new delhi

  • Su
      10th of Sep, 2010
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    The General Manager
    Mahindra & Mahindra


    I purchased a Mahindra Scorpio on March 2010 from AUTO CENTER, KORBA (CHHATTISGARH). The vehicle has not delivered to servicing on due times. The vehicle is still under one year warranty period. The registration number is CG 12 Y 0185.
    These were all the details about the vehicle which I purchased. Now we come to the problem brake of key in side of entrance of key entry side part. I inform that the dealer AUTO CENTER, KORBA he told me you tow the vehicle and come it to my dealership, but my vehicle staring was not worked, how ever tow the vehicle, he suggest to me pl open the key lock part to any mechanic & come to at our work shop.

    we will take the vehicle in AUTO CENTER KORBA then check the mechanic of my Scorpio & said to me that key setup is blocked, we will ordered from Mumbai & after 10 days delivered your vehicle and re-set your new key set up.

    we are daily follow the dealer & mechanics/ supervisors he fake to me come the parts, today fitting, not properly fitted, properly not installed/ reset ect. Today I’ll goes to dealer ship AUTO CENTER korba, he told me your vehicle Electronic control unit is not worked, replace this parts, that costing is aprox Rs. 40, 000. you deposit the advance of this spayer part.
    my vehicle is under warranty and only one thing key is brake is side of key holder. One work shop manager SHISHIL NAIK is said to me you take any action against to me & our dealership no any body no fear us.

    So I want to make a humble request to everybody to help me in achieving justice. And I feel that all this circumstances are compelling me to make an appeal in front of the Consumer Forum, who alone can safeguard my interest. If you feel that my demand are unjust then just point out a reason that why should I not appeal in front of the Consumer Forum & file a F.I.R against of AUTO CENTER KORBA & MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA INDIA.




  • Av
      30th of Jan, 2011
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    The General Manager
    Mahindra & Mahindra

    Respected sir
    This is to inform you that i was invited by SWAMI AUTOMOBILES Chandigarh on a party from MAHINDRA for the launching of XYLO D2 on 29th january 2011.
    They invited me at around 7p.m but from 7 to 9 there was no arrangement at all, no one was there to attend anyone.
    This gives a very bad impression of your company.
    I'll suggest to not to invite if this kind of arrangements are being done.
    Thank you

    Avtar Singh
    #-135/1 sector-55 Chandiharh

  • Bh
      9th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Good sir/madam
    Pls note that I bought mahindra two wheeler KINI a black color.But from the day of purchase, a constant starting problems started.There after unlimited problem started.There is horrible service at service center.They repair and say ok.When they hand over, same problem started in front of your staff only.Which clearly indicates how the services are being provided as well as a big lair. Truly speaking a big headache in service .. no body solves the problem ...KINI is still in service center for 30days.We purchased on 18.02.11. and used only 60km.And most of time it is in service center.
    Kindly solve our problem.As I consider mahindra and mahindra is a reputed company and not a street company.There fore i purchased blindly from your authorized showroom.
    Your staff at showroom does not lift a phone.when we call they reply "we are still repairing and lie only" They does not care for the customer's problem.
    Hope fully such a good company will take immediate and effective action against my filed complainant and will not make us a hopeless.
    Thanks and regards
    Bharat Prasad
    K3-55, sindri, dhanbad, Jharkhand,

  • Md
      20th of May, 2011
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    The General Manager
    Mahindra & Mahindra

    I purchased a scorpio LX DATED on 15th june 2010 from NEXGEN Ranchi jharkhand customer I.D is c110065999. First of all the vehicle was not delivered on due time and created a lots of problem while delivery.After the vehicle was delivered it also created problem too while given for servicing on 11th may they returned on 12th may but still it created the same problem again i gave in the workshop on 13th may at hazaribagh but due to no arrangement of laptop they sent to ranchi's workshop but they are unable to find out the problem
    10 days are past . perhaps one day the called and told me that their is problem in Diesel filter body and ask to change it and also demanded for its replacementmoney since my car is under guaranty period but stil after replacement it created the same problem it is not repaired.
    NOTE: when i purchase the vehicle the NEXGEN dealer Manager Mr. Upender Narayan Singh told that if insurance is made here then they will provide cashless insurance facility but when in my car the breakage of mirror happened then they told that we have to pay for its repairing because hazaribagh workshop is not having such facilities Ranchi's workshop is having. i just dont understand that if it is not tied with ICICI LOMBARD then why did the sent for repairing it to Ranchi's workshop? i also want to know that when my car will be repaired due to this iam suffering a lot of problem of hiering somebody else's vehicle, your co. will have to pay for it.
    I really hope for the positive response.
    Thanking you
    REG NO. JH- O2- Q-3622
    OPP. Jama Masjid
    Hazaribagh, 825301

  • Ha
      23rd of May, 2011
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    Sir, I have Purchased a Mohindra Scorpio From Sandeep Moters ( Patiala) Punjab on nov. 2009 and whole services was done by this dealer. but now on May 14, 2011 my vehical does not start and then i called to sandeep moter on there no. 99147-0036 and there service adviser harveer told me that sir, you should come here on monday then we will solve your problem. there was a self problem and we will check it. when i reached there on monday at 10.. A.M. there was no special electrian there. there ordinary mechanic checked my vehical and he told me there was a problem in katout we will change it. but when they opened self we found the whole self was burned. at 2.00 p.m. i meet there service head to solve my problem as early as possible and he told me sir we will check you should wait. at 5.00 pm they refused to change my self they told that we have no self sorry you shold come on Friday we will arrange same self . they start my vehical by push. on friday when i approach to Sandeep Moters they told me there was no part in mahindra so we will try from different dealers. when i called them on monday they gave me same responce. i called several times to your customer care cell but they also told me we have farward your complaint. sir, suffered from last ten days. pl do me a favour and changed my self as early as possible From Harsh (9855600883)

  • Na
      23rd of Jun, 2011
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    I purchased a Logan ( Diesel varrient ) last year on 28th of July after going through a lot of discussion with most of the vechile companies, but I prefired to purchase a Logan ahead all, I was very satisfied with the performance of the vehicle and was happily driving it till Feb-2011 but after that it started giving some or the other problem, I complaint several times but every time it was resolved and again same issues occured,

    When I gave my vehicle for second service it was giving mileage of 20+ but after servicing it was reduced to 18 and when ever I was switching on AC vehicle was not working as per standerd and it was taking a load even cooling was not proper, wipers never worked properly they are always leaving water marks on the front mirror, AC knob was not working properly it was not going to the maximum point,

    I complaint about all these to one of the executive do not remember name ( mobile no 8826271619 ) and he promosed to come and meet me at my residence and resolve the issues, but he never turned up, after few days I got a call from Mr. Gudhenia from Koncept and he promised to resolved the issues and ask me to come to service center as the issues can not be resolved at my residence, I went to the service center and get the things done it took one whole day to get these issues resolved but those issue were resolved apart from mileage issue as it cannot be checked at that time, Koncept took my signatures on some paper which stated that I am completely satisfied and I was as my issues were resolved, but when I checked mileage again it was not upto the mark and still wipers were not working properly,

    Recently I was out of station for 4-5 days and my vehicle was parked inside my house when I came back and drove my car I heard some noise from the bottom of the car, As the noise was very strange for me because no one has drove my car in my absence so immediately I went to the service center to get my vehicle checked, there I met Annu Mam and she instructed Mr. Asif to check the vehicle, after driving my vehicle for about 1 KM he said that there is some issue in the suspension of my vehicle he asked me to book my vehicle for next day to get the issues resolved, I did the same and booked my vehicle ( Booking no 840 )

    Next day when I reached there service adviser Mr. Mohit gave me an estimate of Rs. 20, 000 for suspension work when I said it is only 10 months old vehicle and it should be covered in warranty and I insisted to speak to Mahindra, he said that Sir we will cover it in warranty, apart from that I showed him that there are several marks on front wind screen which I never noticed during 10 months these marks are noticeable when we check widscreen very closely and these marks are not on a particular point these marks are all over the windscreen, For that he mentioned that we will replace it but I have to get it replaced under Insurance, I said why should I get it replaced under Insurance when this is manufacturing fault he said that he will call back to me regarding that, But I did not get any call.

    I waited for whole long day but I did not get any call, so in the evening I called Mr. Mohit and then I came to know that there was no fault of suspension there were 4 bolts which were loose due to which noise was coming, I asked about windscreen for that he replied that I have to take the vehicle to there another service center to get it replaced under insurance, I was totally distrubed and disconnected the call, I collect my vehicle next day and did not meet any person, My vehicle was in very bad condition nobody has even cleaned the windscreen, whole body was covered with dust and still windscreen was not replaced. It took 2 days to tighten those 4 bolts.

    I got a call from some of the executive from Koncept on Wednesday and she promised that she will get all the issues resolved and promised to call me back after checking the avalibility of windscreen but till date I am waiting for the phone call.

    There is no one who properly takes care of vehicles in Koncept, There are very keen in selling the products like wind screen fluid and other kits which are not required.

    I paid Rs. 980 for first service which is supposed to be free of cost, Koncept SA Mr. Amit was very keen in selling few products like W/S Glass WA, Car Lubrication Kit and doing Engine care, Please let me know Mahindra is making such pathetic vehicles in which lubrication kit is required within 2 months??

    On second service I paid Rs. 6180 and the same things were charged again this time SA was Mr. Sunil apart from these things he suggested for wheel alignment and wheel balancing I said if it is mandatory then please go ahead but after servicing wheel alignment was not proper and it was going towards left, I again get the wheel alignment done from a MRF tyre shope and again paid the amount which was supposed to be done correctly by Koncept.

    Could you please let me know is lubrication kit is required on every service????????

    I have several vehicles but no one requires these lubrication kits on every service and could you please let me know where these lubrication kits are used.

    I want to bring it it to your notice that I am getting promises from Koncept again and again but no one turns up and again after few days someone will call and promise to resolve the issues,

    Please let me know from where I can get the proper response for my issues which are still unresolved,

    Waiting for feedback on urgent basis,


    Nalin Shukla


  • Jo
      31st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sir, I have purchased a Bolero SLX (KL-33 B 1370) in last year February from kottayam kerala . Within one month itself the CD player ( Make -Kenwood) got un- serviceable. I got it repired it through the authorised service center in Kottayam ( TVS & Sons ) . But every time it again got US within 2 or three days. Then they directed me to Darshana Associates which is the authorised service center for Kenwood products. The result is the same. Now again I have given the set to them for repair and still it is with them. Also when I approached TVS &Sons for 20000 Kms servicing my vehicle had a remote lock problem. They are telling that they dont know how to repair it. Whom should I approach now for both these problems? Please help me. My e-mail id and my mob no: 09400096053. Thank you

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