MagicJackmagic jack fried my hard drive

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My mother always told me not to buy stuff from as seen on tv - well magic jack is one product that I can say is the biggest money/service scam I have every come across. It all seems so cost effective and I should remind you that "its too good to be true!" this item never worked effectively to hold a line and did you know that you have to register with your town for 911 service?!?!?!?! Magic jack fried my 6 month old hard drive. Yes! Thats right it fried my brand new hard drive. I barely have had time to back up my documentation and now I have to pay for service to repair my computer. Some money saver magic jack is! For product that was supposed to save me money, its costing me money. Not including that I have to try and cancel the service that I can no longer use with through my credit card company and return a defective product to a store that magic jack will not support the returned product from. You can be sure I will send this to every telecom publisher and pc publisher I can contact. Magic jack is a joke!!!

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  • Wi
      Aug 11, 2009

    I've had a magic jack for a year and I'm absolutely astounded at how good it's worked...I'm an Computer IT by trade and can safely tell you that the little program you install to use the Magic Jack would do no such thing to your hardrive. You may have had another problem but Don't blame Magic Jack. If you experience any reception issues with it you just need to use a different usb port and always check for updates from the Company. I applaud the man who came up with this ingenious way to save thousands of dollars potentially on your phonebill. Furthermore, I live in So. Calif. and I'm able to call Canada at no additional charge. with att it was about .50 a minute.


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  • Cj
      Dec 22, 2009

    I use Magic Javk at home and even overseas. Imagine having a local US number in Greece. I saved a fortune on one trip alone. I have it running on a Dell PC laptop - runs on Vista - no problem at all. The guy with the bad hard drive had other issues, Magic Jack was not the problem.

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  • Te
      Dec 26, 2009

    I am a computer tech. I think your hard drive just failed at an inopportune time (as if there is ever a good time). All VOIP phones have to be registered as you state, because there is no way fro them to know where you are calling from otherwise. I wish you luck, but I dont think it was the device that has given you all the trouble

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  • Ze
      Jun 09, 2010

    Magic Jack fried my hard drive as well. My laptop was barely 2 years old so I must agree that it was the magic jack contraption which ruined my computer worth $600. I am fairly sure it was magic jack because it had only been connected barely a month before my laptop became inoperable. What else could it have been? I am now in debt for a new compter at the cost of another $400. I suppose I have little recourse or do I? Does any one have some sound advice?


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  • Bl
      Apr 19, 2011

    I have had my Magic Jack for 3 years now. I am very happy with the service I get from this product. Of couse if you are using all your ram or running other heavy downloads and high performance videaos or backgrounds there will be some cutting in and out. I have found that if the speaker box on the PC. is turned off that there is no interferences. I believe this is because of screensavers or runnung programs. I do not know what everyone is expecting for $20.00 a year, I mean come on people. Of course this is not going to run perfectlly without any interference or malfunction, but this product does work and I have not ever been charged more than is expected of me yearly. Really this will save the average household hundreds of dollars a week and I have to say if you are pinching for money this is a great way to save on bills. No this is not for the person that wants high quality service and usage for close to nothing a year. This is for the average person that needs to lower bills and still have a home phone for less money, or to avoid disconnection from the services that charge way more than they should for a service that is mostly a requirement. I commend this person for putting this service out there for people that may need it's services or for emergency purposes, it shows that there are people out there that still care about grandma or the average person that can not afford home services.

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  • Ae
      May 01, 2011

    As a computer and network IT, I can difinitivly say that the MJ device will not fry a hard drive. First it hooks through the USB port and that hooks to the 5vdc powersupply port and the serial bus on the main board. The only connection that the MJ device has to the hard drive is that the application software is stored there. All MJ information is stored on the MJ network server.
    I have used my MJ device for about 3 and one half years. I tried to take a few short cuts on the install and had problems. I contacted customer support and while I understood everything, the instructions may be a bit beyond anyone who can not believe that they made a mistake.
    My best tool for the magic jack was my patience. Once I understood all of the instructions, I had it fixed. I thought that it was a real pain until I had all of the instructions written down and installed a second device. That is when I realised that the special instructions that I got from customer service were the same as the original and complete installation instructions.
    If you take shortcuts or do not follow the install instructions (which are rather simple) then you will have problems, but it will not fry your hard drive. This individual must have done something drasticly wrong, unless of course the individual is using incorrect terminology, which I think is the case.
    Messing with the install procedures and doing it wrong can cause the Operationg System to "lock up" and unscrupulus computer techs can reset the registry to last known good condition( it just takes a few key strokes if you know what you are doing) and then charge for a new drive and OS install time and data recovery time and anything else that they think they can get away with. Unless you have the serial number of the HD you will never know. Really shady techs will reocver your OS then Ghost the drive onto a drive removed from another computer. Then use your drive on the next "repair."

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  • Ro
      Sep 19, 2015

    had my mj device for 4+ yrs never had an issue with it, until 2 days ago, when i changed the computer into another room.plugged the device in started doing its thing, next thing i know my computer shut down.tried to restart the computrer, and nothing fried, grapped my laptop plugged in mj device doesnt my conclusion is mj fried my computer, , so pi""ed now, and i had just renewd my year, a month ago ao

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