MagicJackfraud & scam

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The Magic Jack is beyond question the worst consumer electronic product I have ever bought.

I bought this device in April 2009 at a nearby Radio Shack outlet and paid cash. When I got the thing home, it worked very well- it booted right up, and worked mostly very well, for a service that costs $2 a month. Audio quality was fair, what with many clicks and beeps and other noises. But for the cost, who could complain?

The real problems started after six weeks. Since that time, the middle of May, things have gone straight downhill. Calls do not reach me. The device will not boot up, or my computer does not recognize it, or something; and the audio quality has deteriorated to the point where I cannot make outcalls at all, because my voice "breaks up" and I am unintelligible to the person at the other end. Calls are dropped constantly mid-conversation. Callers reach someone in another state, or country, or the call is diverted to my voice message box, and the caller is told that the box is full.

But the worst part is that this device has caused people calling me locally to incur long-distance charges as a result. A friend of mine, who lives 8 blocks from here, called me at my 773-area code Magic Jack number, from her 773 land line, which is AT&T. She was billed $22.00 for these calls, even though they are local calls in the same area code! She called AT&T, and the other service provider, whose number AT&T provided her with, and was told that AT& T has complete discretion to decide what constitutes a long distance call.

Please note that AT&T provides the long distance connection for the Magic Jack, as they proclaim on the user interface that pops up when you plug the device into your computer.

I believe that AT&T is sharing in this fraud and that the FCC ought to sanction both companies, and shut Magic Jack down completely.

I am lodging complaints with every relevant authority, including but not limited to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), my local BBB, my state legislators, my congresswoman, and my senators. I strongly urge all of you posting here to do the same.


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      Jun 24, 2009

    That is sad that you had that problem. I have had one for a couple of years and have yet to have a bill or problem. It works fine and boots up when needed, etc. I ordered it and paid for 2 or 3 years so still have time left. I love it. $20 a year, can't beat that. Never had a bill, no one calling me has a bill for it unless it is long distance, of course. Maybe you should get a hold of them and find someone to fix it. I got on the chat line one time and they did help me out. I moved to California and lost my Magic Jack. Called and had to get on the chat line and got another one and still have no problem.

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