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MagicJack / it works, but...

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Ok gang - I have had one problem with my Magic Jack and it was a issue with voice mail. One message and if anyone else called me - they got a mailbox full recording.

Now - on to customer service, and I will be brutally honest here - the online support was effective for me. That being said, here is my advice to buying a Magic Jack.

I too saw the infomercial. The first thing I did was google them. I can't believe that with all the people complaining here that they did not see the issues with credit card charges and take the retail route.
Best Buy carries it. Buy it from the store and you will have no suprise charges.

There have been some tech issues with the device. This is a mass produced device that is subject to a MFG
flaw now and then. AGAIN - buy at retail. If it does not work, bring it back to retail. If they don't replace it,
call your bank and cancel the transaction.

Back to customer service - folks you have purchased a device that retails for 40$ off the store shelf and includes a year of phone service inclusive of long distance, voice mail, caller ID, 3 way calling. Heck, I was suprised to find out after using call waiting that when I picked back up on my first call my friend said he was treated to music on hold!!! My phone bill thru Cox Cable in Oklahoma was 40$ a MONTH and DID NOT include those features. I think you need to be realistic in your expectations. For a $20 a year dial tone dont expect to be able to reach out and touch someone each time you have a question. LOOK at the website. LOOK at the materials provided. AFTER you have looked - THEN open a chat with a rep and be nice. Don't spend 10 minutes telling them about how "you feel" about the problem. Give them the specific tech problem that you have and follow the instructions. If you decide that you want to challenge the questions, end the conversation with the rep and figure it out on your own. I do tech support for a living (NOT Magic Jack) and I assure you there is nothing more fustrating than dealing with a customer who has a problem and won't follow the troubleshooting steps because they have decided the the suggested solution wont help them. If you are going to be that hard headed,
get string and a couple of dixie cups and have at it. Nuff said!!

If computers scare you, if you don't like reading instructions, or if it is your preference to have someone "walk you thru" instead of reading the owners manual, then don't buy a magic jack. It's not for you.

I purchased one for two reasons - 1st - my landline was way too expensive for no features. 2nd - I wanted a i-phone from at&t and they insisted that I buy a $40 a month media package to have it. All I wanted was a MP3 player that was a telephone and I pay a ton for broadband at home. So I cancelled one at&t cell (my wife keeps her's) and my cox line. I saved $55 a month.

If you want to buy a Magic Jack I will offer you this simple check list. Make sure you have the following or you will have problems:

1 . High Speed Internet - Cable preferred - DSL will work but it has to be very fast. You will normally have to keep your dialtone so consider Magic Jack to be a solution for a second line or unlimited long distance .

2. A good PC with available ram. My magic jack is connected to a older laptop connected to the modem with a ethernet cable that is basically only used for the Magic Jack. It has less than 1 GB of RAM and If I surf on it while I use the phone my calls get choppy. That's not Magic Jacks fault, it's my computer. I WOULD NOT reccomend using a magic jack on a PC that has a wireless connection. It will be more likely to have problems.

3. Your computer must have a POWERED USB port. It will not work with a hub. Look in the owners manual for your PC and make sure your computer has this. If not - your Magic Jack WILL NOT work.

4. A backup power supply for your PC is not necessary - but helpful (if it's not a laptop). Make sure if you get a backup power source if you are using a cordless phone that it is also connected so that if you lose electric you still have a dial tone. A cordless phone can also have issues, so before you contact the magic jack crew with a problem make sure you've tried a regular phone and have the same problem.

5. A cell phone. Folks it is an electronic device. It can fail. Have a plan B. Even if I had to replace the USB device every year - I would still save a ton of money!

I don't work for Magic Jack. I'm just a dad that has figured out a way to save enough money to help pay for other things. I hope this helps. God Bless you!

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  • Ri
      10th of May, 2009
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    I have worked in the computer industry all my life. The "Magic Jack" seemed, well, magic to be able to offer all of these services for about $20 a year. After reading the NEGATIVE reviews, I was skeptical, but after reading THIS particular review (thanks, Chris), I'm going over to Radio Shack and buying one tomorrow to test. Hey, at $20, that's just a round of drinks with me mates.

    Bottom line is that 80% of the people on this planet are nill on real computer skills, and that is a shame, as computers are the future.

    I'll try a Magic Jack and report in the future what MY findings are. By the way, I am NOT replacing current COX phone or Verizon Cell Phone at this point, and I do not recommend anyone doing the same. Try it out IN PARALLEL with your current service before pulling the plugs on your existing phone sevice. Enough said.


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