Luna / inferior installation

IL, United States

Don't use Luna for flooring.

The sub-contractors that came were terrible, they layed the wood flooring in the wrong direction, directly in contrast to what the installation instructions dictate. It was buckling in a day. They had to come back and rip it up after they lied and told us it was fine.

They also said our floors weren't level enough and couldn't install the floor in half our house despite the fact that they didn't even have a level! So we hired a general contractor at our expense to level the floor. They claim it is still not level and will install but won't honor our warranty. They also charged us extra labor for ripping up the tile floor.

This was supposed to be done in two days and its now been over a week. So, we have been walking on plywood and eating out because everything is being stored in our kitchen, including my two year old daughter and 2 dogs.


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