Luna Carpet / dishonest sales practices

I also lost my $200 deposit because the slime ball salesperson they sent to my home lied to me telling me he was a manager and giving me a "special" price that was ONLY AVAILABLE THAT DAY. Special enough that I called the next day to cancel, because I had a very bad gut feeling about the company, that they dropped the price immediately $900. I agreed to this price and kept my original installation date. I had a few questions previous to the installation date but the person that emailed me was on vacation (convenient) and no one would call me back. They called my house at 6:43 AM the scheduled day of my installation, woke me up, scared me to death thinking something had happened to someone in my family; I told them to saw off. Who does business this way? I will NEVER use this company again and I hope this helps save someone else the headache and hassle of dealing with this slimy company full of liars and incompetent people.

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