Lowe's Serviceservice @ check-out

I had purchased $286.17 worth of paint. I had received great service at the paint counter.
As I was approaching the check out area, a checker named Linda signaled me to come to the self checkout area.
As I approached I told her that I did not want to use the self checkout as I do not agree with this service. She sneared at me and informed me that she would not make me use self-check out.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bixby, OKShe continued to frown at me as she pulled my basket
toward her check out station. I asked her to turn loose of my basket as I did not appreciate her attitude toward me. She continued to glare at me as I went to another station. My husband and I have completely updated our home and a majority of the items were purchased from Lowes and we have never been treated badly or rudely before. I will surely remember this when I need to purchase anything else for our home.

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