LovelyWholesale / tracking number indicates it was delivered on june, 8 2018 on front porch but no package was delivered on my porch

On may 12, 2018 I ordered 4 items from lovelywholsale. And on may 28 2018 I recieved email stated it was shipped on this date. So according to tracking number it was delivered on june 8 2018 on my front porch but there was no packaged delivered on this date arrived 2;45 but adults were in the house also at this time. I arrived around 3;45 no package on porch. I have ordered before had no problems with my deliveries with other companys, so I would like my product or my refund. Items were wl180424704-1, yq1804272009-2, wl180507701, yq1805032001-2 tracking number is cnamx20010242 thank you

Jun 11, 2018

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