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Worst customer service at CVS location-
Directly across McKinley High School in Honolulu, HI

I went there to purchase two graduation cards around 630pm (5/27/18). 8 year old Daughter had to use the bathroom stating she drank too much water and wanted to go before we headed to a graduation at the Blaisdell. Went to the second from the end cash register (closest to the main front door) and asked her for the code she appeared to not know what it was. She asked the third cash resister and she told her not to give it out! I couldn't believe it! I've never felt so insulted. I do so much of my
shopping at CVS (Kaimuki and Kahala braches) and yet they wouldn't allow my daughter to use their restroom? Really? Terrible customer service EVER. I'll be taking much of my needs to my neighborhood Walgreens because of this incident.

May 28, 2018
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      Jul 10, 2018

    Aloha Longs,
    Aloha means Hello, I love you and Good-By
    If you continue with your $.15 bag charge you are to lose a customer.
    Longs should be able to offer paper bags free--but my only choice was to carry out by hand my numerous items or pay $.15 per plastic bag
    Th only way to get your attention -- If I buy my normal amount of $20 to $50 and you charge
    $15 per bag I will buy some where other than Longs
    To mention your kind and great service employees apologize and have little to say except that Longs has to charge $.15 per bag because the State of Hawai'i tells Longs to do so. But offer NO alternative --Bad Business
    You would think Longs would be able to create an alternative of than taking a demand from the Government
    I have alternatives such as Times, Safeway which are as convenient as Longs and I will be taking my business with them as they offer paper bags FREE
    Longs should take they vast resources and investigate environmental recyclable bags and not take the State demand for you to charge customers. Remember Government does not have profit incentive and Longs is profit directed.
    So in my small way maybe by taking my business to your competitors might get your profit attention and will share my opinion with friends
    My account for your reference and history of purchases [protected]
    I welcome a response but doubt will get one
    Good Luck,

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