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My husband and I are in florida on vacation, after we had a recommendation we decided to visit your vineland ave restaurant although our meal was fine
It wasn't until I tried to use my prepaid visa card your server seems to have helped himself to a tip... Although we had given him a cash tip,. Is this usual practices??? Then there was the ladies washroom, they were abhorrent, there was blood all over the floor and had I seen it before I had my meal I would not have stayed.
I am a member of a social media group called "it's orlando time" it has over 100.00 members from all over, with people looking for hints, tips and recommendations and I am not sure I would recommend your vineland restaurant.

Linda jones

May 14, 2017
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      14th of May, 2017

    So obviously some nasty woman was on her monthly and did not bother to clean up. The staff won't know or know right away, if they aren't told. Why not quietly and politely alert them of the mess some horrid customer made and then go on about your business? Are you really going to mass email 100, 000 (I assume that is the number you meant when you typed 100.00) people and advise them to avoid this restaurant because you saw menstrual blood in the bathroom? As far as the tip issue, once you have ascertained that it wasn't a "hold" that will drop off, or that you didn't forget that you wrote in a tip, I would contact the manager. But make sure the aforementioned scenarios are not the case because I have had holds put on my cards and they dropped off after a day or 2 and I have heard of people thinking they left a cash tip but later found, to their embarrassment, that they had indeed written in a tip.

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