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I rented a car from them. I did not think to inspect the car inside, and the first time I had to use it I discovered that there were some electrical problems with it: the stereo did not work, the passenger side electric window button (not having aircon it is an issue) did not work and the car recharger (cigarette lighter) did not work. I could live with the first 2 but the car recharger was a major issue: I needed it to use my satnav in the car, and without that I would end up somewhere without battery life. I called them but they wouldn’t have a replacement. That meant that I had to buy some maps, but they would not even consider offering any discount for this. We paid extra to drop the car off at Faro Airport. They specifically instructed us to drop the car off at car park P4. Surprise, when we arrived there, the car park people would not allow us in, saying that the car is not allowed in because the number plate does not appear on their lists. They advised us to contact the car hire company, which we did. In the end the car hire company instructed us to leave the car in a different car park. Waiting for them to sort out the issue, we almost missed our flight.
All together I found them offering a very bad service and I will NEVER use these cowboys again.

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  • Br
      Nov 22, 2009

    I hate these ### and hope they go out of business really soon. They ROBBED us of 600 Euro for a 4 day rental accusing us of damaging the car when the damage was already there. They seem to do that alot to customers. They have very POOR customer service. Locauto will call you liars to your faces then laugh at you when you try to explain something. I hope they all rot in hell.

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  • Bl
      Mar 24, 2010

    I also would suggest not to hire anything from Locauto.

    The problem for me was to give back the vehicle after use.

    When I gave back the car, nobody was there to inspect the car for damages and for the level of petrol in the tank. As a consequence, I had no documentation showing that the car was without damages and fully tanked.

    Since I am an experienced traveller, I went to the customers' assistance desk to get the docuemnt with the confirmation that the car was OK and fully tanked, but the staff told me that it was not possible and that in any case there would have been no problems.

    Some days after my credit card was charged for 48 Euros, 5 (+VAT 20%) Euros for "missing petrol" and 25 (+20%) Euros for tanking fee!

    I protested with the customer service, since the car was fully tanked, but they did not want to give me the money back. Of course, they said that, without a restitution document they could only trust their own check.

    I also involved the organization which contacted Locauto in order to reserve the car for me, but even for them it was impossible to obtain anything back.

    They must have understood my point and been disappointed with Locauto too, since they gave me as "partial compensation" a voucher of 20 EUR to use at the next rent.

    Considering all of this...I would suggest...keep away from Locauto, many other car rental companies are a better option.

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  • Mx
      Jan 13, 2011

    January 13, 2011 at 8:16 am
    I rented a car for one day and took out their insurance as it was not an option not to have it. After returning it in the same condition (no damages) when it was rented, they now charged me (2 weeks later) $1700. I disputed the charge with mastercard and called these thieves at locauto. They said the windshield was scratched and it did not cover the damages from the insurance. $1700+ for a windshield? This is a 100% SCAM. Buyer beware, im fighting it now…

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