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Loancare Servicing Center Inc.


awful company!!!

Complaint Rating:  88 % with 147 votes
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Contact information:
LoanCare Servicing Center
3637 Sentara Way, Suite 303
Virginia Beach, Virginia
United States
Phone: 1800-274-6600
I have been dealing with LoanCare Servicing since October 2009, just about 7 months. I have a Balloon Modification that was due Oct. 2010. They never contacted me I contacted them! They were surprized that I didn't recieve any paper work and they said they would get right on it. Well it is now April and I still have not recieved my Ballon Modification and nobody gets back with me. I call them all the time and spend countless time on the phone being put on hold. I really don't know where to turn so I called channel 7 Ruth to the rescue and she has not gotten back to me yet, another phone call to her. So if you can avoid doing any buisness with LoanCare I recommend that you stay away from them, bad news. My home is all I have in this world and I intend to keep it. I have been putting my house payments in the bank and not sending them in because I don't have a mortgage. I have tried very hard to keep my credit on good standing I sure hope that this doesn't affect it!
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A  28th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Loancare Servicing failed to pay my scheduled property tax as scheduled on 2/1/2010. I contacted them on 4/2/2010 when I received a delinquent bill with Penalty and Interest accessed. As of today, 4/27/2010, after numerous phone calls and emails they have failed to communicate to me as to whether the tax has been paid or not. This organization leaves the person who is on the hook to pay taxes with no information and no communication as to what is being done. I do not know if I should hire a lawyer (I do not have alot of money and don't know the cost) or what I should be doing. Meantime I am left to ponder this issue with no resolution in sight. Valerie McDaniel is suppose to be working this issue, but she does not communicate to me.
A  6th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
they lyed d stating i owe them 295000.00 dollars and destroyed my credit
N  11th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I work for LoanCare in the Client Relations department. Please call me directly when you get this message and I will assist you in addressing allyour concerns. My name is Kim and my direct number is 757-893-1364.
N  21st of Jul, 2010 by    +4 Votes
I just spoke with Kim from Loan Care Services and she seems to be on the up and up. I too have been dealing with multiple issues with LoanCare and had not received any assistance for over a year and a half now. I went as far as to contact the BBB and all Credit Agencies with no resolution. I was a wits end when I found this information (Kim that is), to the point that I was looking for the owner’s name of so I could copy him the letter I am writing to the White House because I can not get any assistance. I know some of you may think the White House is a bit extreme but they will require them to do the research and in this economy who wants to be on the radar with all the problems banks are having-why use my money to pay an attorney when I haven't exhausted my free resources such as BBB, Credit dispute, Congressional and the White House. I have to say, Kim seems to be very good at her job and seems to stand by what she has to do to ensure the JOB is done and customer are satisfied! Please take the time to contact Kim, it was refreshing to speak with her-I honestly feel she WILL do her job unlike the others; therefore, my letter to the owner will be to promote her-it’s people like her that should be at the top to ensure other customers do not have to go thru this.
A  26th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Loan Care Services never gets back to you no matter how many messages you leave. The only decent employee is Kimmy. She helped everytime we called, even though it wasn't her area. She is also the only one that ever answers her phone. Kimmy is a great employee, they are lucky to have her.
N  17th of Aug, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I have had an awful time with this company. I have been told on 2 occasions "sorry, we dropped the ball" I was sold to this company while I was in the middle of a loan modification with my old mortgage company back in April. It is now the middle of August and I am absoutly no further than I was 6 months ago when I started this. I call about 3 times a week, and get no answers, I simply get an ungodly amount of voice mails with NO return calls. I have called the supervisors and left them messages with no return call. I have sent e-mails with no return call. This company is the worst company I have ever worked with. Today, I called and talked to someone who said "You have contacted everyone you need to contact, so basically their is nothing I can do to help you, you might want to try to send an e-mail" YEP, did that already back on 5/19. This is the absolute worst company. Would recommend no one use this mortgage company.
A  1st of Sep, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I have to say loan care servicing is the most despicable company i have ever dealt with and i am truly sick by all of this. This company has no right in the service business!

Kimmy is not the great client relations persons she claims to be!!!

My last notice to loan care

Ms. Doss,

Once again we are at square one. You still fail to look at my documentation and correct the volumes of problems with my account. As i have stated and validated a magnitude of times by the attached documents and cashed checks by your company you still fail to resolve this horrifying ordeal.

To ensure my credit was not hit again with erroneous late notices i made an additional payment. I have looked over my account again for god knows how many times, line by line to ensure all payments have been accounted for and once again i come to the same conclusion. I have provided you with all of the proven documentation. You and ms. Trexler stated that you would call me after you look at the account. I have been requesting help for going on two years. You and ms. Trexler claim to be in to help resolve this issue but now i seem to get the run around and no one is taking the time to go line by line, check by check, and payment by payment to resolve the situation. Not once has anyone said they apologize for all that i have and continue to endure from your company.

While speaking with you yesterday (After i called over 30 times before getting you) you stated that i still owed for april. . You did not specify which april so once i got home to all of my paper work and reviewed my account on the website i found where in february 2009 i made two payments, therefore, when you claim i did not make a payment for april i had already made a payment for prior to that. Further, should you be referring to april 2010 once again your company has not allocated all of the money i provided - if you will look at the documented papers i previously sent you that are also attached again here you will see that there were 6 payments at the $367. 44 but your company only has 4 listed on my account. If you will recall, i informed you that i could not provide you with copies of those checks at the time because my bank had not had them in my account at the time i had sent this information, however, i also sent you a list of all of my online payments that showed you the past and pending payments (Also attached again) . I can assure you that i will upload copies of those checks to ensure you have no way of trying to make it appear that things are different from what they really are.

I have to say your company is the most despicable company i have ever dealt with and i am truly sick by all of this. This company has no right in the service business!

Ms. Trexler has the nerve to put her name out on the web to say she will help anyone who is having problems with the company but it's funny how that changed after she seen all of the documented information i had. She didn't help and i am not surprised because this is the motto of your company. Fidelity should be horrified by having your represent them.

My credit is so messed up because of your company that i can't even get away from loan care without walking away from my home and yes loan care has made it that unbearable for me! I am at the point that i will do anything to simply get relief from your company.

Please provide a point of contact for your legal division. If it is the same as fidelity, i will need to that information as well.


N  17th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I think that everyone reading this board should keep in mind there are two sides to every story. Also, although I do not mind assisting where I can for those who contact me, my initial response on this board was to a specific person.

As I am in Client Relations and a representative for LoanCare, I do my best to assist borrowers, but there are issues that I can not address myself without the assistance of internal staff. What I CAN do is verify an issue is referred accordingly, escalate to management when necessary, as it was for Christy. What I will NOT allow, nor respond to, are idle threats left on my voicemail. This is in no way professional, no way to have something resolved, and in no way productive.
A  5th of Oct, 2010 by    -2 Votes
I have better then the worst complaints. Our payments were lost or just disappeared. We also had to provide check numbers, not that it did any good. We had to have three checks re-issued. Our taxes were another huge ordeal. We noticed money always taken out of our escrow but things were not being paid. I advise that every homeowner check their Assessors site. I had to go back and forth between the Assessors’ site and loan care servicing until the correction was made. Oh yah I waited for however long it took them to talk to me. My insurance was another ordeal. They, as usual, took money out but never paid the bills. They seemed to somehow cancel the fax number to their insurance department but I found the fax to another department and advised them to CC onto their insurance department. When they finally paid it they bounced our check. We called and called then finally the insurance (hazard) conferences me with loan care servicing. After almost an hour of discussion, they finally paid it. After all this mismanagement of our money, I requested to have the Escrow cancelled because of their business practice. First they say you can cancel but when you make the request they always have an excuse. They even told us VA doesn't allow it. So I researched it and discovered that too was false information. So then they told us to provide them with documentation. We of course provided all the documentations including the bounced check from loan care servicing to insurance. After all the switch and bait from one customer service rep to another etc., the last advice we were given was to have the house refinanced. I'm sure everyone knows that FNF Servicing (fictitious name for Loan Care servicing) is running amok and yes, they get away with it.
A  14th of Oct, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I thought we were the only ones having problems, our loan was sold to this company after the company our loan was through was closed by FHA. Unfortuantely I have had nothing but problems, and roadblocks with them. It is a shame we don't have a say in who gets our loans, and unfortuantely I am in a position where we cannot refinance because I have been laid off for over a year. We just have to tolderate their ignorance at this point!
N  12th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Can someone help me?? I have been trying to get LoanCare on the phone for over a week now. Everytime I call the Customer Service number I get disconnected. It has happened at least 20 times. I am sooo stressed out and now reading all of these blogs I am even more stressed out. I don't want to call this Kim woman..any other suggestions??
N  15th of Nov, 2010 by    +4 Votes
i have also had problems gettting a loan modification i have sent in all the documents they suggested and they always ask me for something else just before my case is closed and when i send it they tell me that my case has been closed and they ask for other papers all but one and they do it again they might say i only need two or three thin gs and then they tell me that it takes up to ten days to process the information " get it from the fax machine" and that sometimes they didnt get it mabey cause someone from a different department got it on accident or something "like all their departments only share 1 fax??? come on they have been playing games with me for over a year giving me the run around!! i only owe them 80, 000 on a 350, 000 home and im going to go into forclosure because they wont extend my mortgage to maby 30 yrs or anything else who knows what they can do they never gave me any options they just keep giving me the same runaround what about the mortgage crises??? the just bailed out the mortgage companys and banks!!! not us whos gonna help the middle classs they are gonna take out the middle class
A  4th of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Loancare is horrible. I have unfortunately been with them for years. Once a year for the past three years I have received terse letters saying my payments were late. (They were not) Apparently Loancare changes their payment mailing address every single year and doesn't notify anyone. So, I have been using automatic payments from Bank of America each month and it works fine for about a year until they change their address, then the Post Office has to forward the payments and Loancare [censor]es because they're late. If they wouldn't keep moving without notice, my payments would all be received on time. Loancare sucks. When you call, if you can get a real person, they are always rude and uncooperative.
N  15th of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I am absolutely exhausted after dealing with Loancare since October. We had gotten behind, I was paying my mortgage payment one month late from Jan through April, still being before the 30 days most times, each time I called to make my one month late payment, I was told I needed to let them know when I could catch up, I didn't know, they said they would not be able to continue to take these payments, each time I felt they were quite rude.. so then I started getting letters in the mail that anything less than two month payment would not be accepted, so I called begging for any help, I spoke with a lady who said we could see if I qualified for a repayment plan, which meant that I would pay X amount extra each month towards my arrears, so I signed up for it, feeling very relieved and was told when I made my last repay payment in October that I would be caught up and then next month due would be Nov for the normal amount... well, October came and I help my end of the deal, and I was so relieved, there is nothing like being behind on your house payment, it scared the living daylights out of me.. then middle of October I started getting letters saying that I was short $900 for my October payment, I was like absolutely not!!! then I started calling, each person told me the same thing, that the repayment play only got me caught up for the month I had just paid.. today is 12/15/2010, and they have still not resolved my account, why would I have agreed to sign up for a repayment plan that would put me back into the same boat I was in before the repayment plan, so now each time I call to make my payment I am reminded that I'm one month behind. I have only heard from one person, who was able to explain the problem but not fix it, we were to send documents to one another and then she would get back with me, that was 11/30/10 and I have still not heard from her after leaving multiple messages, faxing her and emailing her. I am literally sick over this whole thing and I don't know where to turn, I don't have the extra money after paying almost $500 extra on my payments July through October... and they are not willing to offer any assistance. Where do I turn?
A  3rd of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
We too have had a horrible time with Loan Care! They are actually talking foreclosure even though the payments have been made. I sent them all the information and documentation providing such fact, and they do not call, they have not sent letters in over 2 months and then yesterday some freak was outside taking pictures and it scared the hell out of my children. My husband is an active-duty soldier and I know the laws and I will be damned if they are foreclosing on a soldier who has served this country for 24 years, faithfully!!! He is getting ready to go to Korea for 2 year's and he actually is going through so much stress over it he is talking about just walking away from the house he has worked so hard for. Your company suck's monkey butts! Customer service my [censor]!!!
A  6th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I had an agreement with a different servicer, they went bankrupt and all accounts were given over in reciever ship to Loancare, they are under affiliate umbrella with Fidelty, ( they are in the middle of the whole mrtgage fraud issues, ) so associations of this nature sends up a red flag for me. I started to notice minor infractions with the servicing of my account, not to mention the vague manor in which you may or maynot get answers from them. I was given 4 diferent e-mail address for them and finaly got fed up and went to the website. my suspescions are that they are somehow monetizing the Amount of "loan" as its a seller financed deal, a personal contract between myself and other living person, but on the account page it's listed as Original Loan amount. I find that they "sit" on my payments recieved for up 3-4 days before they are posted on payments, yet I send money orders, to a Ca bank po box, and then they deposit, and 2-3 days later send a report to home base in Virgina...whenI call to get copies of something they charge a fee, and don't send what I ask for, so I asked about canceli ng thier service...they want several hundred dollars to do this, and WILL NOT return MY original documents till fees are paid. So i'm forced to stay with them, I asked for the Name of the CFO ( chief financial officer) he's the dude to complain to, not the PRESIDENT of the corporation...well you'd a thought I wanted the mans home phone and SS #, but after 4 transfer to next higher up I got the Guys name.
Now, I will prepare my lawsuit, and continue to gather my evidence.
Part of a servicer's agreement, is a irrevokable power of atty, which means that the agreement cannot be transferred to another servicer with out MY approval, and My contract with original servicer should be voidable, as the fees with Loancare keep going up, and the customer service goes down.
thats all i have to say...they stink !!!
N  15th of Feb, 2011 by     Best Advice +5 Votes
Another loan care nightmare here. Our mortgage company called back in October with a rate reduction *thud* saying that it was because we had been on time for over 3 years with our payments. We have had automatic payment of the mortage since it's inception - two company buyouts and two refi's. Never did we have a problem with any payments... then our mortage holder I guess farmed out the payment gathering process to loan care. ~picture grimmace here~
November came along and our auto paymet did not happen. We called loan care, were assessed a fee for phone payment AND a late fee because they didn't initialize the auto-pay. The human on the phone assured us this would not happen again. -eye roll-
December... same thing.. with the same fees.. Again assured things would be fine in January. This time, due to medical/hospital issues, we didn't check to make sure ths mortgage came out of the account when it was supposed to... after two months, you'd figure someone would get their head from between their cheeks and push the right buttons to complete their task. Anyway...nope.. auto pay didn't happen - and because we failed to notice right away and we didn't initiate a call to have THEM DO THEIR JOB - we fell behind a month... have been reported to the credit bureaus and now they're saying that it's our fault and will not accept auto payments anymore. So... since someone at their company is not doing their job.. we have been assessed over $200 in fees and taken a credit rating hit.

It sounds like this company needs to be investigated to find out if this is part of their business plan... screw customers to collect fees as par for the course. I'd be happy to participate in a class action suit against them... sounds like more than basic incompetance by one person is going on here.
A  27th of Feb, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I too have been having many problems with Loan care. After Loan care bought my loan from GMAC Home Mortgage I was notified my autodraft fro GMAC was canceled and then I needed to set up with loan care. I did... I set up the auto draft so not to worry about the payments. 2 months later i was informed that my mortgage was late and when I contacted them they did not even have the correct figures on my monthly payment. I went ahead and did a phone payment since it was not over 30 and that should be ok. 3 weeks later I receive a phone call that my mortgage is 3 months over due... I went ballistic on the phone. After their own research they inofrmed me they are not used to these kind of loans and had incorrectly entered the inofrmation on my payments. They never withrew the money from my account. They asked me to send the payment by check so I did that also. And I just checked my account. They never back dated the payments to correct the interest charges and they posted the payment as unapplied funds so this time the money was received but not posted to my account properly it now appears I am 4 months late when I am not late at all.

This company should be investigated by the United States Banking commission for incompetence. The people they have working there should not be behind a computer managing people livelyhoods when they are not capable of doing so. I am not sure of my next step but I think a phone call to the States attourneys office is in order
A  9th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Loancare is probably the most unprofessional and incompetent organization I have ever dealt with. They took over my home equity loan in Oct'10 and it has been a disaster. I have never received a bill from them. I called them in Oct, Nov, Dec to try and pay over the phone and was told they were not ready or equipped to take payments on these loans. I registered online and that is still not set up to take payments on home equity loans. I made my payments over the phone in January, when they were finally able to process them, but I have yet to receive bill #1 from them. I tried to pay an additional month and they decided to apply it to my principal and charge me a late fee for that month. I am totally frustrated!!
Today was probably the last straw. They decided to add $1800 worth of homeowner's and flood insurance to my account. I had provided copies of my current and valid policies when they requested. they now claim they never received the fax. I do have a fax confirmation and the information is being sent to them again by my insurance company, I hope they finally resolve it.
So in addition to being incompetent they are also a major RIP-OFF
This will be my next step if they don't get their act together and get my issues straightened out.
N  15th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Let me tell you Loan Care is the worst company I have ever dealt with on any level or for any service! Incompetent, irresponsible, and you can do nothing with them. I had a short sale offer on my house that I have had listed for over 1 year and they lost my paperwork and the potential buyer walked! Now I have second offer, they will not even return our phone calls. Every person who has had a bad experience with loan care whould band together and bring a national lawsuit against them - this company is getting away with ruining peoples lives while the politicians ignore this legalized criminal activity!

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