LoanCare LLC / horrible : they don't communicate, mishandle accounts & misreport on credit

They purchased my mortgage and because I could tell early on they were so horrible, I refinanced away from them within 4 months.

1st payment due in Aug - sent. 3rd week of Aug I get a call saying they didn't receive, I send emailed proof of payment, they say they'll research & get back to me in 48 hrs, they don't.

~1 week later - I call, they are researching
~1.5 weeks later (late Sept) - I call again, we go back and forth since they misapplied Sept pmt to Aug now and stopped researching. I sent more proof of Sept pmt via email. They say they'll get back to me in 48 hrs, but again don't.

1st week of Oct - they credit my bank acct electronically for the Aug lost pmt, so I send off right away. They now received 2 payments in Oct (my Oct pmt & my resubmitted Aug pmt).

They report me as delinquent on my credit in Oct. Throughout the whole process I called and emailed, but never get a response. When I call, the agents assure me it won't be on my credit. Now that it is and I call, I get put on hold and the line disconnects. Not once, not twice but 5 times in 1 day. That doesn't seem like a coincident. Agents tell me they'll call me back if the line disconnects - they don't. I can't speak to anyone in the Credit department so I'm at their mercy. In the mean time, I'm losing my rate, my earnest money and the home that I made an offer on. The emotional turmoil of being on the phone for hours, being hung up and getting no answers is beyond words.

They need to be investigated. They don't communicate with customers about their accounts, they don't have answers about things happening on accounts, and they leave mortgage holders feeling like victims. They have the upper hand and so there is nothing I can do but wait, even though I've done everything in my power at this point to communicate and prevent this issue.

Nov 30, 2016

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