Lloydstsb / Missing / stolen money

Luton, England, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Letter wanting to submit but no complaints online for lloydstsb so I will do on here.

I'm so upset and angry I am not sure what I am writing so please be understanding.

I am penniless and bringing up a child on my own, my ex pays no money and employees at your Luton Park St Branch have stolen from me, and I have no proof. It may only be £20 to them and they thought I would not miss but I now cannot buy any basics now like milk and cereal etc. for my 12 yr old daughter.

Yesterday Wednesday the 28th April and about 1.17pm I withdrew money from your ATM at Park St branch, from my Barclays account, which is my rent paid in by the council as I need help towards my rent. I put it then into Lloydstsb as I do not have a chequebook with Barclays to pay my lettings a cheque for rent, I withdrew £220.
£200 was to be paid into the deposit for my rent and £20 I was to borrow and nip across the road to Iceland and get myself some basics, eg tea, milk, cereal, the normal so we did not faint from hunger.
I do not queue up as always busy and my daughter alone at home unwell I live around corner and was nipping out for half hour maximum. And so I tend to use the deposit box, which my father always against since he lost almost £300 where forgot to add paying in slip with another bank, I always said Lloydstsb are good and I trust them well I normally used the other Branch in the town centre, plus my brother had worked there in management over 20 yrs but just been made redundant.
Anyway there was a crowd waiting to use the ATM and I worry someone is always going to snatch the money so I quickly put into paying in envelope and put straight into deposit point.

One job done I then nipped across to Iceland to grab a few basics, halfway round with a basket almost full I cursed myself as I realised I had put the £20 for shopping in with the £200. So £220 had gone in but only £200 on the paying in slip I then ran back to the bank and started to queue up so could explain but I started to worry about daughter now as gone longer then said, and left for home. I thought oh well I can get out when its gone into account, I just have no food.

With no food I then had to drag my ill daughter to my mums so we could have dinner and cup of tea as also out of teabags. I said Its OK to my parents as they have had bad experiences with banks and savings and lost money and investments, I said it will go in account and I will get out later on.

Well guess what, I was a flabbergast when I saw someone had been dishonest and only put in £200 as that's all I had put on paying in slip, how could two dishonest tillers get away with it, but they could as It all added up when cashed up, £20 in their pocket and not left over.
I am an honest person and I know I put the whole £220 in that deposit envelope. I would not dream of hurting or stealing from another human being.

I am so hurt and upset and angry as they have took the food out my babes mouth, and it was my rent I had borrowed, I'm so angry. I have no proof and not only am I £20 short for rent but I have no food to show for it.

I am so honest that once when I paid in money I had forgot to put all the money in as had to withdraw the rest out to add to the deposit envelope, I phoned the bank in tears explaining my mistake and that the wrong amount was in the envelope to what I had wrote on the paying in slip, I was sure the same would have been done in return and they would of said there was £220 not £200 like the day they wrote to tell me I had not put in enough.

Our money is meant to be safe in a bank, and I so hope what goes around comes around as I am so so angry as that £20 is a hell of a lot to me, I cant sleep or concentrate and the thought of how people can be so nasty and take what is not theirs to take, be careful Lloydstsb as it will not end at innocent folks twenty pound notes, They will want bigger fish to fry.

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