Living Spaces / unnecessary payment claims from you and horrible customer service

Fremont, CA, United States
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I ordered a sofa cum bed from Living Spaces last year in May 2016, and the guys who came in did not even try to enter the sofa into our premise and said the sofa cannot enter our house, and took back the sofa to their place. They never called me back for two days about anything after that! Would they refund the money back or would they try to get the item again.. nothing!

I called them after two days and they they do not have any information. My husband and I called multiple number of time to inform them that we do not have the item and should not be charged $1200 as we do not have the sofa with us.

The first time the customer service rep (after 1 hour of holding over phone) confirmed and said we do not have to pay anything and said she has closed the account. Still we got statements from Synchrony Bank (affiliated with Living Spaces for Payments) and we were not sure why. We called Syncrony Bank again and this same thing repeated FOUR TIMES!!! I told them we would have to complain if this happens again as it takes a lot of time from our school time and work and we do not have the SOFA anyway! Why are we being contacted when the sofa never even entered our premise.

Finally, when we spoke around October, the Customer Rep CONFIRMED that the account is closed for sure and we do not have to pay anything

AFTER A WHOLE ONE YEAR, I noticed that Synchrony Bank was charging interest on the amount and I had to pay $400+ to them! They said the $218 is for restocking fee + additional $200 is interest.

It baffled me when I heard they have been charging us interest and said we have t pay $400 after they confirming that the account is closed! If they were charging, why did they confirm and tell us the account was closed? Any customer would get into their routine once they hear that the account is closed and they do not have to do anything.

Why should I pay $400 when
A) I do not have the SOFA
B) Your people did not even try to get the SOFA and just took into Back
C) The company kept charging us $1200 for nearly 5 months until we repeatedly called Synchrony Bank
D) Their REP CONFIRMED that the account is closed and we do not have to do anything.

I really think this is harassment of their customers.

I would request that action is taken on them:
a) so that they Living Spaces and Synchrony Bank have better communication,
b) They do not contact customers unnecessarily once the account is closed,
c) and I do not want to pay my hard earned $400 for a furniture that never even entered my premise

Jun 24, 2017

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