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Rancho Cucamonga, CA, United States

Hello, I purchased Palazzo eastern king bed frame yesterday from living spaces online. I had ordered my bed for delivery due to the fact that I am a wounded combat veteran, and is hard for me to do much or get around.
When I first placed my order I was sent an email telling me that I would receive a call to confirm my order. I received a call from an Elizabeth Nuno. Elizabeth.[protected] When I first got on the phone with Elizabeth she seemed very rushed and very rude. She needed me to provide a scanned and emailed copy of a few things. As I was in the process of doing so she was very rude over the phone and kept rushing me to email certain documents to her. I told her to hold several times and told her it would take me a few minutes, so then I just put her on hold. Lol.
Couple hours go by and the delivery truck finally shows up. Once the two delivery men arrived they did not say much to me as a customer and got right to work unloading and putting the bed together.
After about 10 min the bed was put together, but turned out they brought the wrong size bed to my house. What happens next really pissed me off. Not only were the two delivery men getting loud with me they left the bed that I cant even sleep on and took off with no help once so ever, and when they left my property they drove right on my lawn.
Now with that being said remember I am a wounded combat veteran served in a combat zone and was retired due to my injuries. I have never felt so ripped off and pissed on in my entire life.
After I columned myself I called Living Spaces after hours and left a message saying that I received the wrong size bed and for somebody to please call me in the morning.
0800 my cell rings and lone behold Elizabeth is on the line. Again she was rude and ###. I had told Elizabeth my problem and first thing she tells me is, its not there fault it is mine. Wow
I then asked Elizabeth what do I need to do to get the right bed. She said I have to pay a 5% restocking fee and another $99 delivery fee. I could of freaked out and started yelling and saying how I was a Vet and all that nonsense, but I am not that kind of person. Instead I said fine and payed $124 dollars on top of the $600 I have already paid, for a bed that probably cost $30 bucks to make. If I did not pay, I would have to continue to sleep on my hard wood floor, not so comfortable for someone such as myself suffering from combat injuries.
Anyway after all that nonsense, I have to sleep on the floor another night, because they don't do same day deliveries on exchanges. It just keeps getting better.
So I can order a bed online in the middle of the afternoon and get it delivered in the same day, but when living spaces messes up, and then gets payed for messing they for some reason cant get me my bed in the same day. Sounds like some priorities are out of order and should be fixed before no one wants to buy from this crap hole of a store.
Next time Living Spaces, you should treat all your customers with respect and dignity.

Living Spaces

May 1, 2014

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