Living Spaces / customer service/warranty

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, United States

I have owned a Berkline reclining sofa and loveseat for 15 months. I was assured that by the sales staff at L.S. that these two pieces of furniture were high quality and that the manufactures warranty was excellent. Just one month after buying this furniture, Berkline went out of business. No problem, right? After all, Living Spaces is a big company and would certainly take care of any problems I had anyway. Wrong!! The spring mechanisms in both pieces of furniture went bad just after one year. I called customer service and was told to take pictures of the furniture and email them in with my name, etc. (the furniture had a 7 year warranty on the springs) I never heard from them again, despite several attempts to reconnect with them. This company has no interest in serving their customers once they walk out the front doors. I realize their stores are big and pretty, and the sales staff is ok, but please understand that this is all a smoke screen. Save yourself a big headache in the future and shop where customers are still important and treated as such.

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