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Lynn, MassachusettsBoston, United States

I purchased tickets to attend the dead and company concert for this past Saturday June 17th at Fenway Park. I was harassed by one of your staff because I was dancing my way to my seat. This employee of Live nation screamed in my face so close to my personal space that we was actually spitting on me. He was yelling keep it moving. I immediately responded (totally non-aggressively) that I was heading to my seat. When he didn't get a rise out of me he continued to berate me screaming in my face that "I'm tired of you people". Tt this point my husband spoke up to defend this outrageous verbal assault. He told the man to stop screaming at me. As soon as my husband had the words out of his mouth, the hotheaded live nation employee and a coworker of his grabbed my husband by both arms and ejected him from the ballpark. It was ridiculous, it seemed to me that the Live nation employee just kept harassing is until he had, what was in his mind, a reason to flex his authority. We were 15 minutes into the show and got harassed and kicked out for dancing. When my husband and I told the Boston police Sargent that we were going to report the lie nation employee, the sarge went to refer the badge number. We were told that it was badge #199. In case that I do wasn't accurate, I took his picture to make sure the correct person is held accountable for his actions. Who can I speak to about filing a formal complaint and recouping the cost of my tickets. Please email me [protected] or give me a call back at [protected]. Sincerely, Rhiannon Forbes

Live Nation

Jun 19, 2017

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